Biden Declares New Mother’s Day: Sunday’s Comic

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LUKAS: Can We Still Call It Mother’s Day?

Not long ago, Mother’s Day was the quintessential Hallmark holiday, a holiday where children and spouses scrambled to buy flowers, send cards and organize brunch to thank mom for the under-appreciated work she does to raise the next generation.

This Mother’s Day, moms need something more than flowers and brunch: We need people to stand up and defend the very concept of motherhood and what it means to be a woman.

Right now words such as “mother” and “pregnant women” are being scrubbed from public discourse by woke activists who insist that common sex-based terms are not inclusive. And indeed, the term mother does invoke a distinctly feminine image, drawing upon women’s role not only in nurturing children, but in actually gestating and bringing them into this world…

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  1. So confusing for those who ” follow the Science”, 22 genders, men can get pregnant but can,t have an abortion, but hey I’m not a biologist. Baby killers unite, vote democrat.

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