You Can’t Sell A Bad Republican: Sunday’s Comic

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Meghan McCain’s Bad Republican book flops too

Two new books featuring Washington political royalty debuted as huge flops, suggesting there is limited interest in anything beyond a focus on presidential politics.

The latest failure is Meghan McCain’s memoir, Bad Republican, released April 26.

According to an NPD BookScan provided to Secrets, it sold just 244 copies in the first few days.

A book agent said the low sales were a surprise considering the celebrity status of the former View star and outspoken daughter of former Sen. John McCain.

And then, there was the equally disappointing first-week sales of just 250 copies of the biography of Jill Biden, Jill: A Biography of the First Lady, by two Associated Press reporters…

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  1. The McCain wing of the AZ GOP needs to move his body back from Annapolis MD, where it’s buried next to some Navy bud, and put up a big memorial mausoleum in downtown Phoenix for it.

    All for the jerk who “loved Arizona so much” he was buried here. Right.

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