Biggs Calls Jan. 6 Committee’s Subpoena “Pure Political Theater”

Congressman Andy Biggs meeting with constituents.

On Thursday, Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs responded to the House January 6 Committee’s subpoena by dismissing it as “political theater.” Biggs also noted that the subpoenas and news of their issuance were leaked to the media before the impacted members.

The Select Committee has subpoenaed Representatives Kevin McCarthy, Scott Perry, Jim Jordan, and Mo Brooks for deposition testimony as well.

“The January 6 Committee’s ongoing, baseless witch hunt is nothing more than an effort to distract the American people from the Democrats’ and Biden’s disastrous leadership. The border is in crisis, inflation is skyrocketing, crime is rampant, and Democrats are focused on fabricating their own facts to take down Republican leaders,” concluded Biggs.

Congressman Biggs has been given a formal order to appear for questioning on May 26.

For his part, Brooks said that he had once offered to testify before “Pelosi’s Witch Hunt Committee,” but will no longer voluntarily do so.

“At one time I would have voluntarily testified before the Nancy Pelosi Witch Hunt Committee provided the testimony was in public, the questioners were Congressmen, and the questions were limited to events related to January 6,” stated Brooks. “But that time has long passed. I wouldn’t help Nancy Pelosi and Liz Cheney cross the street–I’m definitely not going to help them and their partisan Witch Hunt Committee.”

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