Republicans Must Remember Who Our Opponents Are And Rally Around Our Candidates

President Donald Trump, Arizona Republican National Committee Woman Lori Klein Corbin, and Vice-President Mike Pence in

The road to primaries has been long and exhausting with many wounds inflicted upon our candidates and our party. The united goal for the Republican party is to successfully win the general election in November. To achieve our goal the objective is to rally around our candidates who have successfully won the primary.

Arizona Republican National Committee Woman Lori Klein Corbin says that “we need mature, strong and purposed leadership in our party now more than ever. Members and supporters labeling, belittling, and smearing candidates must cease now.”

She is right. It will take wise and strong leadership skills to put aside egotistical notions of vengeance within the party. The firing squad cycle against fellow Republicans and those who want to join our side to fight the good fight for God and County can no longer continue.

Our real opponents are the socialists/communists (far left) who have co-opted the Democrat party. Going on the offensive includes exposing tyranny and corruption on all levels. This will take the action and unity that has not been witnessed thus far in our history. As Ms. Corbin has explained, “The path to winning 2024 is embracing everyone on our side and not everyone will agree 100% on all the issues. That is fine.”

Protecting our youth, our families, our religion and all the principles that each member of the party holds sacred and dear is the priority. The left and those that wish to change America into a European/Socialist and a Chinese Communist world will dismantle all of our institutions and destroy and take away our God-given freedom.

Though we may have candidates with labels like Q-Anon supporter, far right, or Rino, etc., we have to trust in our system of selecting the most suitable candidate without dismantling the image of our Republican Party for years to come.

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Cynthia “Cyndi” Love was the first Black elected as AZGOP Secretary, RNC delegate in 2020, and is known across the country as the “Trump Queen” due to the support she provided for President Trump’s election and re-election in 2016 and 2020. She has served on the National Federation of Republican Women’s Membership, Community Engagement, and Diversity Committees, and she is also a Heritage Foundation Sentinel.