AZ Rep. Brian Fernandez Accused Of Harassment By Rep. Alma Hernandez

Brian Fernandez

On Friday, Arizona State Representative Alma Hernandez accused her colleague Rep. Brian Fernandez of insulting her behind her back.

Fernandez says the allegations outlined in a letter Hernandez released publicly are false.

In that letter, Hernandez accuses Fernandez of calling her “a ‘fat f***’ and saying “that he ‘hates me’” on multiple occasions while with lobbyists and elected officials.

“Look, I am clearly not everyone’s particular cup of tea. But I work hard for my constituents and serve my Party to the best of my ability every single day,” Hernandez wrote. “However, when someone seeks to attack a female colleague using such clearly disgusting language, I have to take a stand and say this is NOT okay and I would expect the same from all of you.”
Hernandez took a pot shot at Fernandez in another tweet, implying that he was only in office due to his mother, former State Rep. Charlene Fernandez, who he replaced when she resigned to take a job in the Biden administration.

SMART Union Local 359 announced that it pulled its endorsement of Fernandez due to the allegations.

“@smartunionworks values the respect of all people. We support candidates for office who work to bring people together. @BrianSFernandez lack of respect for a legislative colleague…We have pulled our endorsement of Brian & hope he learns a lesson. THANK YOU!”

Hernandez wants Fernandez to apologize “to every single woman in this caucus and party” and to take sensitivity training.

“It’s unfortunate my colleague’s feelings are hurt, especially when the origin is untrue,” Fernandez said. “I did not make the statement being wrongly attributed to me, and I don’t condone it. If there is a lesson to be learned here, it’s that one should always be skeptical of secondhand gossip and that kindness is always the better choice.”

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  1. I just wish people would quit being offended by every little thing someone says. When I grew up all I heard was “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”. It’s a free country, say what you want. At the end of the day, I am sure it makes him look small to the folks he is talking to. This Alma gal, is a rep in my district and I have never voted for her. So she doesn’t represent me. I can tell you that. She is another far left progressive Dem.

  2. Did SMART Union Local 359 and/or Hernandez support Jennifer Adams for Tempe City Council? She’s known for bullying and harassing City of Tempe employees to the point that they quit their jobs. As a City employee she was accused of the same. No double standards, please.

    • Double standards in the democratic party? Never. Only one standard per gender and they can calibrate them as often as necessary and they certainly deserve their right to whine.

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