Chandler Police Looking For Man Who Defraud Elderly Woman

"Joe Miller"

On May 23rd, 2022 at around 4:13 p.m., Chandler Police Department officers were dispatched to a report of fraud call at a residence. The victim, an elderly woman, indicated that a man had shown up to her home, stating that he was an employee of AAA. The man provided information about damage to the victim’s vehicle, specifically to the wheel nuts of the tires. He said that one of the wheels was about to fall off. The man offered to fix the wheel nut for $3700. T

he suspects and the victim drove to the bank where the victim withdrew $3700 in cash. The man took the money from the victim and perform no work on the victim’s vehicle.

Chandler police use bank video surveillance and later identified the suspect as Joe Miller. However, Miller is believed to go by many different names and may not currently be using that name.

Chandler police are asking the community for assistance in locating Miller. Any other victims ae asked to call 4807824130. Information that leads to the location of the suspect may be eligible for a reward of up to $1000 by calling 480-WITNESS

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  1. How stupid can people get? I guess she may have a touch of Alzheimer’s. I should not be so judgemental. I buy nothing from people on phone or at the door and don’t open unknown emails. All of these criminal illegals are very educated in how benevolent Americans are. We have enough of our own criminals without Biden allowing them to pour in. Then you have an obvious murder suspect and he is released back into the population. Pure insanity. Vote every Democrat out no matter what they say. They are professional liars.

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