Supervisor Remains Stoic In Face Of Harassing Emails And Scary Voicemails

Cochise County Superior Peggy Judd [Photo courtesy Cochise County]

For the last several months Cochise County Supervisor Peggy Judd has kept an alarming secret from the public.

Judd has gained notoriety as one of the two supervisors who has pushed for a full hand count audit of the county’s 2020 General Election results.

“I believed a hand count audit would have shown everyone that our elections in Cochise County have been beyond criticism. And I still do,” she told Arizona Daily Independent.

But as Judd has withstood political pressure and multiple lawsuits stemming from her desire to prove how well the county’s 2022 election was run, she has been inundated with emails attacking her intelligence, physical appearance, and the possibility she would end up in prison for the votes she made.

Then on Nov. 30, Judd received an email that referenced Judd’s 15 grandchildren in an obscenity-laced rant. If that wasn’t unnerving enough, she also received two voicemails on her county-issued cell phone the same day.

In one voicemail, an adult male unleashed a string of “f-words” before stating Judd was going to prison.

“Hey you f****** whore. Just because your candidate loses doesn’t mean it’s f****** fixed you stupid God-damned f****** retarded c***. F***you. You’re going to f****** prison you stupid bitch.”

It appears the same male caller left the second voicemail, which starts out with the caller identifying himself as being with the FBI.

He stated he wants to come speak with Judd about the election, then provides Judd’s full home address before going on another “f-word” fueled rant.


Judd, a former state legislator, played the Nov. 30 voicemails for a top member of the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office. She has not been provided with a status update as to whether the caller was ever identified.

The two voicemails were followed the next day by another email from the same person who previously mentioned Judd’s grandchildren.

“The world will be a better place when stupid gullible scumbags like you no longer walk the earth,” the email reads in part.

One thing Judd refuses to do is engage the dozens of email writers and callers who continue to send similarly offensive comments. It was important, she believes, to not add fuel to the hysterical reactions some people have to elections.

“I suppose some of this is to be expected as an elected official, although it is scary when they mention wanting to come to your home,” Judd said. “I’ve just tried to do my job the best I can.”

Arizona Daily Independent will update this story once an investigation update is  received from the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office.


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