Recent Trends In Our Culture Have Turned Into A War On Women

girl athlete

Presently, an Arizona law prohibits biological boys from playing on girls’ sport teams. In response to a lawsuit that is challenging that law, Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne has submitted a defense of it. Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes should be the one defending it, but has refused to do so. Horne’s success in court regarding this issue is extremely important as a first step in restoring the dignity and rights of women, not only in Arizona but also throughout the country.

Recent trends in our culture have turned into a war on women. To begin with, the media, Democrat leaders and other “progressives” insist we accept drag queens as legitimate representatives of womanhood. In addition, they demand that males who consider themselves females, whether they have penises or not, be allowed all the privileges of women: entry into restrooms, dressing rooms and, in this case, women sports.

If one objects to any of this, that person is depicted as prejudiced against the transgender population. This is a winning strategy because in our culture we consider it extremely important to not show bias towards any specific group – and that includes drag queens and transgender people. It does not matter that history, biology, and common sense indicate that we are making an enormous mistake by mocking and taking away rights of one group in order to sanction the rights of another.

Drag queens have been around for centuries – as adult entertainers, usually men, who mock the feminine persona with exaggerated costumes and makeup. They are similar to the black-faced minstrels of the past who were actually white men depicting Black people in unflattering ways. Presently, black-facing is a taboo in our culture which leads one to wonder why drag queens are so well-accepted – not only in nightclubs but also in our schools where they perform often quite erotically in front of children.

Humor often includes mockery. I saw it on television in Germany where Americans were depicted as naïve idiots who could not hold their beer. In Japan, Americans were made fun of as individuals who were incapable of obeying the simplest of their culture’s mores.

William Shakespeare engaged in ridicule frequently in his plays, as well as both Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo in their novels. Indeed, we do not want to ban this type of humor completely but show some restraint accordingly – such as in our schools and on sports teams.

In the case of transgenders, we need to decide whether they should be considered their biological gender or the one they prefer. Should society adjust to these individuals’ wants or stick with the fact that biologically a person’s gender is determined unalterably before birth.

A trans goes through a transformation through dress, hormones, and even surgery. In order to maintain that identity throughout adulthood, the trans must continue taking hormones and possibly endure additional operations.

Individuals often seek to change their appearance in some way. We see movie stars in their 70s and 80s who look as young as 25. They have undergone frequent plastic surgery operations and, like the trans people, hormone treatments. Maybe the next step for the young-looking, elderly movie stars will be to change the dates on their birth certificates to fit with their new appearance, as the transgender people want to do! However, like the biology of the trans people, what appears on the outside is nothing more than a façade, not to be confused with reality.

It is most fortunate that a lawyer as skilled as Tom Horne is taking on this issue. Let’s return to an atmosphere where women are treated with respect and allowed to pursue their interests on an equal playing ground.