Lawmakers Tell Tlaib Her “Extremist, Antisemitic Views Are Not Welcome in the State of Arizona”

Tlaib AZ event

A bipartisan group of Arizona legislators are pulling the welcome mat for pro-Hamas Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib. Tlaib is scheduled to appear at an event on Friday at Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and a fundraiser on Saturday at an undisclosed location.

Arizona State Representatives Michael Carbone (R-25), Alma Hernandez (D-20), Alexander Kolodin (R-3), and Consuelo Hernandez (D-21) issued a statement on Thursday urging Arizonans to reject Tlaib and pray for 3-year-old United States citizen with ties to Arizona, Abigail Edan, who is being held hostage by Hamas:

The State of Arizona is a safe place for Jews, both on and off campus, and the antisemitic rants regurgitated by SJP and others are not representative of Arizona values. Students supporting Israel have been verbally and physically assaulted on campus in recent days, requiring police escort during SJP rallies.

Congresswoman Tlaib was recently censured by the U.S. House of Representatives in a bipartisan vote for perpetuating anti-Jewish sentiments that support the destruction of the state of Israel. She has a history of espousing such a view both before and following the deadly October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel that were perpetrated by the pro-Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization. We believe that such extremist, antisemitic views should be condemned, and they are not welcome in the state of Arizona.

We ask that Arizonans say a prayer for Abigail Edan and her family. Abigail is a three-year-old girl with ties to Arizona and was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza after they murdered her parents. Rather than honor Congresswoman Tlaib for a speaking engagement, SJP should be calling for Abigail’s immediate safe release in time for her fourth birthday next week.

Congresswoman Tlaib is of course free to speak on ASU’s campus, and we commend our universities for supporting free speech and hosting uncomfortable conversations. However, ASU should not use public dollars, collected through student fees, to support SJP – an organization that, in addition to opposing the existence of Israel, proudly denies the existence of the United States (calling America ‘occupied Turtle Island’).

In addition to her antisemitic rhetoric, recent reporting has exposed connections between Tlaib and the terror group Hamas over many years. The connections include groups founded by Tlaib, various allied groups, and fundraisers for her campaign including one co-hosted by Hamas-activist, Salah Sarsour.

Recent reporting also uncovered that Tlaib is a member of a hidden pro-Hamas Facebook group, where members have mocked Israeli hostages and glorified Hamas terrorists.

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a Muslim and outspoken critic of “radical Islam and antisemitism, who is a candidate for Congressional District 4, also called out Tlaib for what he says is “her radicalism and immoral defense of genocidal statements and lies regarding Israel.”

Dr. Jasser is also calling out Congressman Greg Stanton for voting against her censure, and urging him to take the opportunity to correct that vote by denouncing her during her Arizona visit.

“Congresswoman Tlaib has repeatedly used a phrase that is the rallying cry for the destruction of the state of Israel. This, along with other lies about Israel and her continual trafficking in antisemitism, is why she was censured by the House of Representatives, including by 22 Democrats. Her actions have even been condemned by President Biden’s administration. But Greg Stanton, as usual, and as quietly as possible, put party politics over people and voted to do the exact wrong thing by voting against her censure.

“If I were in Congress,” Dr. Jasser stated, “I not only would have voted to censure Rashida Tlaib, but I would also have sponsored a resolution to expel her. You don’t get the high honor of representing America and Americans while echoing calls for genocide and supporting antisemitism.” Jasser continued, “Now Tlaib is coming to our own backyard. I call for the organizers of her visit to cancel immediately. Our community does not wish to platform her antisemitic rhetoric. Absent that, will Congressman Greg Stanton remain silent? Thus far he has made zero statements condemning Tlaib.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations of Arizona (CAIR-AZ) announced earlier this month that the hotel scheduled to host CAIR Arizona’s annual banquet on Saturday featuring Tlaib, terminated their contract for the event. It is now being held in a “secure” nondisclosed location.

The group claims the event is sold out.

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  1. Anyone who supports Hamas agrees with violent antisemitism. Those who are supposedly supporting the inhabitants of Gaza should know but don’t seem to care that many of them if not all support Hamas. Tlaib accepted campaign funds from organizations tied to the Muslim brotherhood. She and several other extreme leftists have ongoing ties to these radical organizations who support terrorist activities. She has violated her Constitutional oath of office and should be expelled from Congress. It is certainly a huge disappointment that anyone in Arizona would want to listen to this radical is ideology spewed by someone who hates America and welcomes antisemitism. Israel has a right to defend itself against terrorism and America supports that right. Tlaib should stop with the lies and Americans who are unaware should educate themselves with the facts not radical propaganda meant to divide.

  2. this nation rapidly assuming it’s role as Mystery Babblyon – read about this ‘nation state yourself in revelations’ we are becoming exactly what is described – it will pay a huge price for this… also precisely described. Maranatha !

  3. Apparently pro terrorist individuals like her and Stanton should be allowed to speak. This will eliminate any doubt where they stand on issues like the Hamas/Israeli conflict. Stanton has already spoken by not voting to censure Tlaib. Are you people in CD 4 watching and listening?

  4. She’s a sponsor of terrorism and if she comes here to spout her terrorist chants of death to Jews then she should be arrested and charged with sponsoring terrorism but the appointed AG won’t do it because she’s a Demoncrap herself

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