Democrat Candidates For Corporation Commission Get Dark Money Help From Bloomberg-Aligned PAC

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The chair of the Arizona GOP, Dr. Kelli Ward, is calling out what she says is the hypocrisy of Democrat candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission. Candidates Bill Mundell and Anna Tovar, who have been highly critical of dark money, have received millions in from outside PACs, including the New York City-based group Beyond Carbon Victory Fund.

The Beyond Carbon Victory Fund is funded by New York billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

“Hypocrisy seems to be a standard trait these days for the Democrat Party,” said Ward in a press release. “Millions of Arizonans rely on the Corporation Commission to fairly and independently set rates and energy standards in our state. Candidates who are bankrolled by out-of-state groups should be subjected to a high level of scrutiny otherwise we run the risk of electing individuals who may not in fact be representing the people, but in reality are representing and doing the bidding of billionaires and corporations.”

Mundell has received nearly $3 million in dark money.

Tovar has received approximately $2.7 million in dark money.

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