Democrat Front Group “Where They Stand” Busted For False Attacks

“When in doubt, just flat out lie!”

That may as well be the official motto of hard-left Democrat front group Forward Majority and its Arizona offshoot, Where They Stand Arizona.

Disguising itself as some sort of voter information service, Where They Stand Arizona is actually a proxy for an extremely liberal Democrat group that sends inaccurate information to voters to convince them to vote against Republican candidates.

Its most recent effort targeted State Senator J.D. Mesnard in the swing LD17 race and their mailing claimed that Mesnard wanted to give insurance companies the right to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, that Mesnard opposed increasing education funding and opposed increasing pay for school teachers, and opposed efforts to help businesses offer sick leave to employees who have contracted Covid-19.

Just how dishonest are these attacks?

Mesnard wrote the bill (SB1397-2020) to cover patients with pre-existing conditions.

Mesnard has voted for the increases in K-12 funding that nearly every legislative Democrat voted NO on for the last several years and as House Speaker was largely responsible for them passing.

Mesnard wrote the bill (HB2663-2020) to give teachers their 20% teacher pay increase (while every legislative Democrat except one voted NO)

And the bill Where They Stand Arizona claims was designed to offer sick leave to employees sick with Covid-19 was a 2019 bill that was debated nearly a year before the Wuhan Virus even struck China.

Where They Stand can’t campaign on defunding the police or tearing down border walls, so they claim Republicans like Mesnard are bad on issues like Education and Health Care, even when they know it’s a lie.  They claim they provide “clear information about your legislative candidates’ voting records” but in fact they are just another liberal group masquerading lies as the truth in an effort to elect liberal Democrats like AJ Kurdoglu.

Voters beware.