Fontes To Take Job With New Pima County Recorder

Adrian Fontes

Soon to be the former Maricopa County recorder, Adrian Fontes, will take his unique brand of chaos south according to Pima County Recorder-elect Gabriella Cázares-Kelly.

Maricopa County voters rejected the one-term Fontes in the 2020 General Election. Now he has found a job working for Cázares-Kelly as her interim chief deputy recorder, a role he might actually be able to handle.

“Mr. Fontes’ visionary solutions to increasing accessibility in his county encouraged me to imagine new programs for Pima County voters. We are fortunate to have him help us implement programs like those that inspired so many Pima County voters to elect me,” stated Cazares-Kelly in a press release.

According to the Arizona Republic, “Fontes will work with Cázares-Kelly for at least three months but could stay longer if needed.”