Public School Moms Organize Against Proposition 208

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Maricopa County – Opposition to Proposition 208 is coming from some of the most unexpected sectors including public school moms.

In response to concerns that Prop 208 could harm Arizona’s already struggling small businesses, a group of public school moms have organized to oppose Proposition 208. Prop 208, if passed, would be the largest tax increase in Arizona History.

Called the East Valley Women’s Coalition, in fewer than two weeks the group has garnered the support of over 600 moms who want to see real solutions for parents navigating the difficulties of educating their children during the pandemic.

“The response from moms in the community has been overwhelming. There is so much growing frustration over school closures and the difficulties parents have been facing trying to take over the education of their children,” Lalani Hunsaker, the group’s organizer stated. “Moms who send their kids to public schools aren’t going to support a measure that will result in pay raises for administrators while offering them no solutions to the real problems they are facing.”

Michelle Jolley, another mom a part of the coalition and a small business owner expressed her frustration as well. “Prop 208 is the wrong tax at the wrong time. As a mom and a small business owner, this proposition is really going to harm my family. Not only have we been reeling from the hardships of figuring out our kids schooling but the being hit with a 78 percent tax hike would devastate us.”

The active public school moms have already held their first event to organize and help disseminate information to other voters about the harmful impacts Prop 208 will have on Arizona’s economy, schools, and families. The East Valley Women’s Coalition plans to hold additional events and community outreach through November’s election to educate voters on rejecting Proposition 208.

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