Where is the social justice in TUSD’s MAS program?


At the same time that all of TUSD’s students continue to suffer from the district’s inequities, the director of Student Equity, Augustine Romero heads out of town again and again. Where is the social justice in that?

Schools close, students leave and more administrators are hired. Due to the district’s cuts of over one hundred teachers, students will now find themselves in larger classes manned by inexperienced educators. Where is the social justice in that?

Obviously the district has enough money and/or administrators to spare Augustine during his field trips around the globe to hawk his critical race/social justice pablum, but one of the few, if only field trips the kids of TUSD went on, was  a trip across town to put on a dog and pony show at some last minute half-baked conference with the few fringe faculty of the University of Arizona. Where is the social justice in that?

Social Justice Education Symposium: Engaging Youth & Community
September 2010
Kia Aroha College
Otara, Auckland
New Zealand

NAME’s 20th annual conference
November 3-6, 2010
Rio All-Suite Hotel/Las Vegas
Keynote Speaker: Bill Ayers, Patricia Williams
Presenters: Augustine F. Romero with a panel of AZ educators and students, “The Representation and Nurturing of Barrio Intellectuals in Arizona”


2011 AERA Annual Meeting & Exhibition
April 8 –April 12, 2011
New Orleans, Louisiana
Keynote Speaker: Bill Ayers
Presenters: Augie Romero’s in session submission: Students and Communities Organizing for Social Justice in Arizona

Critical Race Studies in Education Conference
5th Annual CRSE Conference
CRSE 2011 Online Registration
May 19th through 21st of 2011
San Antonio, TX
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Daniel Solorzano
Featured Speaker: The Tri-Dimensionalization of Reality: The Creation and Perpetuation of Precious Knowledge through the Evolution of Critically Compassionate Intellectualism
Augustine Romero, Tucson Unified School District
Jacob Robles, Unidos
Jesus Romero, Unidos
Armando Sotelo, Unidos

2nd Annual Multicultural Education in the 21st Century: From Theory to Action
May 23rd, 2011
Center for Education, Equity and Diversity
Bellingham, WA
Keynote Panel Presentation will feature four renowned educators, theorists and activists :
Professor Richard Delgado &  Professor Jean Stefancic
Dr. Augustine Romero, Equity Director
Dr. Christine Sleeter

2011 Equity in Action Conference
University of Utah
June 10 to 11 2011
Equity: The Cornerstone of a Quality Education for all
Keynote Speaker: Augustine F. Romero

According to the recently released report on desegregation money spending by the Ethnic Studies departments, Augie’s salary comes out of desegregation monies. Over $140,000 was spent on salaries(s) for the Student Equity Department. The desegregation monies were intended to close the achievement gap. How do Augie’s travels close the achievement gap? Where is the social justice in the fact that the district has failed to follow the PUSP, many administrators and directors have failed o do their part in following it, and administrators travel while the underserved community still has no external auditor to ensure that the district serves our kids?