Arizona Latino Republicans start Tucson chapter

The Tucson chapter of the Arizona Latino Republican Association (ALRA) kicked of yesterday afternoon. Over fifty people attended the first meeting.

“With today’s great beginning, I know that we can accomplish great things not only within the Tucson Latino community, but in all of Tucson and our surrounding area. We can empower conservatives within the Latino community and elsewhere to express and share their beliefs; to teach young people about the greatness of America and to become involved in electing strong, unapologetic, proud conservatives, who will restore America to its foundational standards,” said the Tucson chapter’s (ALRATAC) president Pat Sexton.

Rey Torres, president of the Arizona Latino Republican Association told the crowd, “Latino’s by and large have conservative values, and we are not a monolith that the Democratic Party can county on for our votes.”

“I am looking forward to working with the leadership in Phoenix, the great board members currently serving in our new Tucson Chapter and other excited new local members to achieve these goals based on a solid pride in American Exceptionalism, defense of life, support of a strong military, value for our relationship with Israel, and an enthusiastic stance with Arizona in it’s attempt to enforce existing immigration laws, among other conservative values,” said Sexton. Torres said, “It makes perfect sense that should expand in Tucson.”

Another attendee said, “For far too long, the Latino voices of conservative values and pride in America have been drowned out by the bully pulpit afforded to a few loud-mouthed thugs who have disparaged, excoriated and intimidated anyone who disagrees with their point of view. No more. Now, conservatives in Tucson, including Latinos, have a voice that will not be silenced.”

ALRA is a statewide organization. They are a 501C4 nonprofit corporation, organized to advance conservative principles and ideals.

ALRA Principles

American Exceptionalism

We believe that A.E. is the undercurrent that guides the success and prosperity our country has historically enjoyed.

National Security

We believe that there can be no prosperity in our nation without the protection of strong and well funded military and intelligence forces.

Small Government/Government Reform

We believe that as a government grows it inevitably strays from its most fundamental responsibilities of protecting us from ourselves and others. The restoration of this fundamental role is needed which is why we support reforms that would result in the reduction of the scope and size of government.

Free Market Economy

We believe that free and fair competition will always benefit American consumers and will consistently yield a prosperous economy.

Small Business

We believe that one of the great economic assets of our nation is its entrepreneurial spirit embodied in the indispensable small business community.


We believe that it is the duty of our government to defend all life which we define as “at the point of conception”.


We believe that this nation (The United States of America) enjoys a natural solidarity with the people of Israel and support them in their desire for a peaceful but strong and secure coexistence with their neighbors.

Environment and Conservation

We believe that the God given natural beauty and resources of this nation should be managed and maintained in a manner that is beneficial to our environment as well as our economy in order to promote absolute energy independence.

Education/Higher Education

We believe that the Primary/Secondary and Higher education systems need to be delivered from the clutches of liberal academia and must be made to allow students to compete and succeed in an ever changing labor market.

Health Care

We believe that everyone should be given access to affordable healthcare but on the basis of competition amongst providers and much needed TORT reform not through government sponsored socialist programs.

Welfare Programs

We recognize the necessity of taking care of our most needy. However, we believe that dependence on the state for social welfare is the biggest threat to self determination and national prosperity.

Energy Independence

We believe that one of the largest threats to American national and economic security is our continuous dependence on resources from unfriendly nations to fuel our economy.

The Tucson chapter is accepting new members, and will be announcing upcoming meetings and events. To learn more visit