AZ GOP Chair asked to disavow comments

The Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, Tom Morrissey is being called upon to disavow statements made by the Communications Director for the AZGOP, Shane Wikfors. This weekend, while appearing on 12 News Square Off, Wikfors, condoned President Obama’s immigration action regarding the decision to grant a form of amnesty to young undocumented entrants.

Wikfors stated that was the position of Chairman Morrissey as well.  Wikfors also claimed that he did not know if the Party’s First Vice President, Russell Pearce was a “Dream Act” supporter, or not. Former GOP Chair and Party leader, Randy Pullen, wrote to Morrissey insisting that he demanding the Chairman “clarify his position on this issue. If he stands by what Shane has said, he needs to resign his position as Chairman, if he disavows the statement by Shane, then Shane should be terminated immediately as Communications Director. There is no excuse for misrepresenting so emphatically the position of the Chairman on such an important issue in Arizona.”

“Securing our border and ending employment of illegal immigrants in the workplace are the key points in our STATE and RNC platforms. I have attached the section of the national platform on illegal immigration, most of which I wrote in 2008. It is clear what our position is. It is my understanding that this is the position of Governor Romney as well as the Governor of Arizona. Many of us have worked long and hard to establish our position on illegal immigration and build a consensus in the Party. It is not up to Shane Wikfors or Chairman Morrissey to unilaterally change that position,” wrote Pullen.

Morrissey has been the center of much of the Republican Party’s turmoil, after he botched the state convention. Refusing to hire experienced professionals, Morrissey oversaw the chaotic delegate voting process. Since his election to Chair Morrissey has been the center of chaos and confusion say party insiders. “He has everyone confused,” said one Republican operative. “It will be interesting to see what he does; how he gets out of this pickle.”

Wikfors said that “Republicans need to get ahead of the President on this issue.”

“It would be an insult and betrayal to conservative Latinos everywhere if the AZ GOP capitulated to the will of the “Dreamers”, Marco Rubio or any other advocates of amnesty as a way of trying to reach out to the Latino Community. Reagan’s 1986 amnesty neither solved the immigration problem nor did it create new or lasting Republican inroads into the Latino Community. McCain’s ’06 and ’07 amnesty attempts neither got him elected as President nor did it create a new generation of Latino Republicans. The GOP leadership needs to stop being intellectually lazy thinking that the tired old game of pandering to Latinos with immigration reform will collectively make us swoon. With Latino unemployment at a staggering 11%, Republicans would do well to engage us as they would any other current demographic and avoid the pandering trap the President has laid out for them,” said Reymundo Torres, President of the Arizona Latino Republic Association (ALRA).