Mexican American Studies activists continue family terror campaign

Mexican American Studies supporters scare Board member grandmother

Over the past few weeks, TUSD Board members Miguel Cuevas, Mark Stegeman, and Michael Hicks have each had their personal residences violated by pro-MAS groups. The same groups that have chained themselves to desks in the TUSD boardroom and tossed smoke bombs at public meetings have ramped up their campaign of terror, claiming that they want to begin a dialogue.

Their latest victims are Board member, Miguel Cuevas’es grandparents. Cuevas reported to KGUN News that the group, led by radical Raza blogger David Abie Morales, scared his grandmother and “brought her to tears.”

KGUN News reported that according to Mexican American Studies activists,  his grandmother was brought to tears to learn about Cuevas’ role in dissolving the MAS program.” Cuevas denied the ridiculous claim, “My grandmother was brought to tears because she was afraid of them.”

Cuevas and Stegeman released a joint statement on the new tactics:

“Not only do I work during the day, but I live with my grandparents. So when I got the call telling me that protesters were at my home, I had to call my father and send him over to my house. By the time he got there, my grandmother was in tears. She was terrified of the protesters and my father had to tell them to vacate our property,” said Miguel Cuevas.

“Not only did demonstrators come to my house last week while I was at work, but last year protesters came to my workplace, disrupting a class that I teach at the University of Arizona and plastering posters around my office. Students who pay to come to school to learn should not be subjected to such rude behavior,” said Mark Stegeman.

Mr. Cuevas and Dr. Stegeman agree that it is time to call for civility and are asking the community to support that effort. “We are elected by the community, serve the community, and sometimes make hard decisions for the benefit of the community as a whole. Our work should not expose our homes and families to invasion and harassment.”

Michael Hicks’es family was terrorized by a group of 6 to 7 Mexican American Studies supporters who “visited” their home two weeks ago.

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