Miller gets endorsement, McDaniel gets “anti-endorsement”

Miller wins conservative endorsement

State Senator Frank Antenori offered an “anti-endorsement” in the Pima County Board of Supervisors District 1 race. Antenori told listeners to a Tucson radio show that they should vote for anyone but McDaniels.

The “anti-endorsement” is reportedly a result of McDaniel not so surgical attempt to attack fellow candidate Vic Williams. Neither Williams nor McDaniels were favored in the race. Despite this, McDaniel ignored front runners Ally Miller and Mike Hellon and took on Williams, a former state legislator, in a recent mailing. The mailer was critical of the legislature.

The Northwest Conservatives have endorsed Ally Miller for District 1. The group says that Miller “is the only candidate that consistently attended the Board of Supervisors meetings over the past four years. She is a fighter for the Taxpayer. She challenged the current Board on their mismanagement of taxpayer dollars, their hidden budget and various spending issues. Miller also saw the corruption and lack of fiscal responsibility within the Rio Nuevo Board and called on the FBI and the Arizona State Attorney General to investigate.

Miller has consistently demonstrated her conservative values and has the necessary skills to hold the County responsible to the Taxpayer. She will ensure the return of fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency to Pima County.”

Miller is a businesswoman with a BSBA major in Finance from the University of Arizona and a MBA from the University of Arizona. Her work experience includes corporate finance, accounting, government program cost/schedule controls and auditing at Allied Signal Aerospace.

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