East Side Republicans Club host Democrat Bill Risner on election integrity

Republican Lori Oien, head of the East Side Republican Club, invited democrat attorney Bill Risner to discuss election integrity in Pima County. The Election Division, under Brad nelson, has come under scrutiny since the RTA Bond election in 2006.

Oien, a former candidate for Tucson City Council, introduced Risner, Republican Election official Benny White, Democrat Election official Mickey Donohue, and a documentary film crew that has been following her and documenting her life for the past 11 months. She told the multi-partisan group, that she had heard Bill Risner on the radio and because election integrity is “not a Democrat or Republican issue, but a fairness issue,” she invited Risner to address the packed house.

Risner, White, and Donahue presented pending lawsuits, current practices, and continuing concerns. Risner explained that “the problem for people who care about democracy and whether your vote actually counts is that we using computers, and they are computers that are privatized and suing their software, and computers do what they are told.” It is exactly what the Pima County computers were told which is at the heart of the continuing legal battle between Risner and the Pima County government.

Pima County officials exempted County races from hand count audits, and have denied access to the ballots cast in the 2006 election, as well as refusing to use optical scanners in the County’s possession to account for all ballots cast in election subsequent to 2006.

Aside from the concerns about the computers’ accuracy and security is the manner in which early ballots are handled by the County. Currently, early ballots are tabulated over a week before General Election Day, which has triggered speculation in past races that the results were known to political operatives who used that information for unfair political advantage.

White, who is a staunch defender of Pima County’s system, conceded that in the past there was fraud, but he said that there is none now.

“It’s our contention base on facts and past history that by the morning of the 30th of October with approximately 25,000 plus vote counted they will know who’s winning and losing and if they need to HACK or STUFF any county races, they will have 7 days to do it, said John Brakey of Americans United for Democracy Intergrity and Transperency in election Arizona, (AUDIT-AZ).

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  1. Arizona is a Party Oversight State, anyone who thinks our votes are not safe should get involved as poll challengers and election board observers. It is not too late to be a part of the solution, contact your Party and tell them you’d like to volunteer in their Vote Integrity Project for this election. The Pima GOP has been preparing for months to ensure vote integrity, contact them at 520-321-1492. We should have challengers at all the polls.

  2. Why haven’t I read about this anywhere else? Oh yeah, it wouldn’t serve the special interests in the county, that’s why!

  3. Vote Bill Beard for Recorder. He’s had experience with the ineptness that F. Ann Rodriguez has allowed her office to perputrate on citizens of Pima County.
    A good place to start with voter intergrity is to get rid of her. I’m volunteering to poll watch and I hope we have all of the polling places covered. Be sure to vote for Beard.

  4. Thanks Lori Oein for hosting this. It is time we understand that this is not about which party you belong to it is about whether or not you want your vote to count. BE THE WE!!!!!!

  5. Follow the money. Who benefits from the fraud?

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