Brewer’s surrogates try reverse psychology

On Tuesday, Governor Brewer’s spokesman, Matt Benson told reporters that the Governor will use every available resource, including taxpayers dollars, to stop the taxpayers from having their say on the matter.

At the same time, Brewer’s right hand man, and some say her brain, Chuck Coughlin, was trying to convince conservatives that a People’s Veto would affirm a commitment to Obamacare.

According to insiders Coughlin, was simply trying to muddy the waters by attempting to sell the idea that a referendum on Brewercare would backfire on opponents and give Coughlin and Brewer the expansion they wanted all along. Coughlin claimed that he wanted the People’s Veto to proceed to the ballot because it would cement the legislature’s action.

Coughlin also said that if the Legislature does pass Brewer’s expansion, it does not qualify as a item that can be the subject to a People’s Veto.

At least one legislator fell for the line. Representative T.J Shope repeated Coughlins’ claim to the Yellow Sheet in his rejection of a referendum proposed by Medicaid expansion opponents.

In Arizona, a referendum to a ballot, known as the People’ Veto, could be used to reject policy passed by the Legislature. Former senator Frank Antenori and senator Ron Gould have a People’s Veto ready to go should the Legislature pass the Governor’s expansion of Obamacare.

While Coughlin cannot rely on case law, he is attempting to clumsily use reverse psychology to intimidate expansion foes. However, Coughlin’s claim falls apart under little scrutiny. According to legal experts, Coughlin’s reliance on Prop 105, is faulty. Prop 105 only protects laws that are generated by the public at the ballot, not legislative actions affirmed by the public.

But on outside chance that voters did affirm a legislative expansion that would mean that future lawmakers would not then be able to change any part of that legislation without a three-fourths vote. Antenori says that should the federal government fail to meet its obligations and trigger a circuit breaker, or meets the sunset deadline; the Legislature could not make changes to prevent its demise without a three-fourths vote.

Senator Frank Antenori joined James T Harris on the Conservative Circus radio show to discuss the Governor’s attempt to stop the People’s Veto. Antenori says that the vast majority of Arizonans oppose the expansion, and he “formed a coalition of members of that majority to challenge the Legislature’s actions and bring the expansion to the ballot.”

Antenori told Harris that the expansion is referable contrary to the Governor’s claims. “I think the people deserve to weigh in on this matter,” said Antenori.

Antenori and Harris discussed the Governor’s “temper tantrum” last week when she vetoed 5 bills in retaliation for the Legislature’s failure to give her what she wants, when she wanted it. Antenori says that if she gets what she wants, “people will go nuts when they realize that what she wants is to fund sex change operations. She wants to fund abortions. People don’t understand what is really in expansion. Brewer and Coughlin fear a ballot measure, and they should.”

Antenori feels confident that if the measure goes to the ballot they will vote “No” on expansion. According to the most recent national poll, 54% of voters oppose Obamacare, and 18% are undecided.

Antenori quoted Ronald Reagan, “A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.” Antenori concluded, “and the way to kill Brewercare is through the referendum, and we will be ready.”

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  1. Well put “Tired”. After standing up to the Obama administration tyranny regarding the deliberately porous border with SB 1070,(translate: failure to defend the US Constitution)Brewer is attempting to placate her friends in the healthcare industry to ensure a lucrative post governorship job.

    Arizona and California are already leading the suffering due to the costs of illegal immigration,
    and the stunningly inefficient Obamacare will just
    create more problems.

  2. ” the Governor will use every available resource, including taxpayers dollars, to stop the taxpayers from having their say on the matter.”

    How do you spell tyranny? Governor Brewer. This is what happens when you put a hair dresser in a position of power, she will throw a temper tantrum and behave irrationally to get her way. She will use taxpayer dollars to thwart their will.

    The fact that she doesn’t welcome a public vote on a matter of such significance indicates there is more to the story.

    Whenever something doesn’t make sense, follow the money. There is an awful lot of money in the hands of her closest advisers, all in the healthcare industry, who stand to enjoy incredible profits. She has to go somewhere after 2014, just saying watch the afterlife.

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