Outrage over Brewer’s veto of religious freedom bill

Americans for Limited Government condemned Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for vetoing legislation protecting religious freedoms in lieu of the Arizona House voting to expand Medicaid under the new health care law.

“Governor Brewer’s complicity in implementing Obamacare will not be forgotten. She is holding back legislation that passed overwhelmingly protecting religious freedoms to get her way on expanding Medicaid. To hold First Amendment rights hostage unless Obamacare is implemented is a betrayal to Arizonans who have consistently voted against politicians that support the health care law going into effect,” said the organizations’ President Nathan Mehrens in a statement released Thursday. “Religious liberty is not a bargaining chip; it is the very foundation of the First Amendment.

“Medicaid expansion in Arizona will cost taxpayers across the country $2.1 billion through 2019 and add more than 100,000 to government health care rolls,” Mehrens continued. “Brewer joins other Republican governors in Ohio, Florida, New Jersey, Virginia, and Michigan who have similarly opened the door to implementing Obamacare.”

Mehrens concluded, “If Republicans offer these types of ‘alternatives’ to voters — where both parties favor expanding government dependency — why should their base support them? Sadly, the Arizona Senate has failed in its duties to stop Obamacare, leaving it up to the Arizona House not to give in to this blackmail.”

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