How Obama mishandled race relations

The tragedy and irony of Barack Obama, as America’s first black president, is that he set race relations back decades.

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, continues to persecute George Zimmerman after he was acquitted, and after Travon Martin’s parents, the police department, the district attorney and the FBI concluded – after independent investigations – that race was not an issue.

Let’s remember that Martin was not the twelve-year-old the press made him out to be. Martin was a six foot, 200-pound tattooed, drug-using thug who was thrown out of high school three times and from his mother’s home (which was why he was living with his father). Further, who threw the first punch?  Who attacked whom? It was Martin.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department Community Relations Service was sent to Florida before the Zimmerman trial to hold meetings and finance protests. This was a blatantly racial attack against Hispanic Zimmerman by black racists in the Justice Department. I conclude that Eric Holder is a black racist.

Obama’s silence on the race-based murder of Australian Christopher Lane by black teens, the race-based murder of World War II veteran Delbert Belton by two young black teens, the race-based attack of a white student on a school bus by black teens, the race-based attack on a pregnant white teen and her boyfriend by five black teenagers, and the brazen gang rape of two white women by 10-12 young black males speaks louder and more meaningfully than all the teleprompter speeches Obama gave in the last five years.

Obama is the GREAT DIVIDER – not the great “uniter.” The Black vote in 2012 went to Obama, not to the white candidate, Romney. Conversely, fewer whites supported Obama in 2012 than in 2008.  A Washington Post tracking poll from October 25, 2012, showed Obama losing the white vote to Romney by 23% while Romney had virtually no black vote. The racial divide has never been so wide in modern times.

When Americans dare criticize the president or his policies, it becomes a racial issue.  The great race hustlers, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (to name just two), have been just as silent as Obama on the black-on-white killings and beatings. In fact, the silence of so-called black leaders on the horrendous black-on-black murder rate in Chicago is deafening.

The Obama administration’s decision to not prosecute two New Black Panthers, who threatened and intimidated white voters at a polling place, is prima facie evidence of racism . . . against whites.

An NBC-WSJ poll shows public perceptions of race relations in our country have been egregiously damaged since the first election of Barack Obama. At the beginning of Obama’s first term, fully 79% of whites and 63% of blacks had a positive view of race relations. Those percentages now are 52% and 38%, respectively.

Barack Obama is the most racist president this country has had since Woodrow Wilson.  Wilson went after blacks at every opportunity, removing them from public office and federal service. Obama has gone after blacks at every opportunity, putting them on welfare, food stamps, disability, etc. all in an effort to keep their votes and keep them dependent on government largesse. He succeeded in 2012.

Obama’s crowning achievement in race relations was participating in Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a Dream” speech 50th anniversary surrounded by race baiters, race haters and race hustlers.

Here, Obama lost all credibility on race. The Martin Luther King event was not a celebration of King’s achievement (but it should have been). Instead, Obama presided over a crass political event, demeaning to King’s philosophy of inclusion and disrespectful to King’s memory. But this is typical Obama behavior.

Except for both Bush presidents, who did not attend due to health issues, there was not one Republican invited to the event. The only black Republican Senator was not invited. The only black Supreme Court Justice was not invited.  Republicans were not invited even though more Republicans, on a percentage basis, voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats.

And, ironically, Martin Luther King was a Republican.


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  1. Doug Saint Carter | September 2, 2013 at 3:48 pm |

    In addition to Richard Brinkley’s article, have you ever noticed that so called black leaders find a reason for a racial flair up periodically? It’s seems their afraid to let too much time pass without one. Can’t allow the victimization fest to fizzle out.
    It just shows how hard up they are to try and make Trayvon Martin a martyr.
    To get a full blown account of today’s race relations, please read my book, Black Americans In The 21st Century: Integrating Or Segregating. Rev. Doug Saint Carter

  2. All this President and his acolytes see is color. Blacks can do no wrong and whities can
    do no right. It’s that simple. Remember when Moochelle said “It’s our turn for revenge”?
    They’re managing the decline of our great nation just like George Soros stated he wanted to happen. Read “Rules for Radicals”. The plan is in there and Obama is playing his rule like a master.

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