Attorney General investigation of TUSD consultant hiring called for

At least one TUSD Governing Board member is calling for an investigation by the Attorney Generals’ office into the recent $92,500 strategic planning contract awarded to The Center for Reform of School Systems. The move is in response to complaints Michael Hicks has received from the community.

Hicks is also calling for the Board to revisit a recent decision to increase the ceiling for awarding contracts.

If you believe in coincidences or that sometimes things just work out the way you hoped they would, you need to hang around TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez. TUSD Governing Board raised the ceiling for awarding contracts without a public bid process from $50,000 to $100,000, at Superintendent H.T. Sanchez’s request.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, three invitations to bid were sent out just three days after the Board meeting. They were sent to two companies in San Francisco and The Center for Reform of School Systems. Incredibly, only The Center for Reform of School Systems responded to the bid request. Even more incredible – the bid was just $7,500 under the $100,000 ceiling.

Fortunately for H. T., he should be very comfortable with the winner of the contract. Cathy Mincberg, who is his good friend and job reference for the TUSD superintendent spot, is the head of The Center for Reform of School Systems. Mincberg worked with Sanchez in Texas on strategic planning.

The district Sanchez left his new job at TUSD received a dismal grade from the state of Texas shortly after Sanchez’s departure.

It is a small world after all. Three of the five “experts” selected by The Center for Reform of School Systems, to lead the districts five-year strategic planning initiative set to kick off a Feb. 25 conference, have close ties to Superintendent Sanchez, according to the Star report.

The other two people (of the three) leading the conference have worked with Sanchez on planning and training efforts in Texas, reports the Star. The group will supposedly lead discussions with carefully selected participants.

TUSD Governing Board member Mark Stegeman told the Star that he would have preferred to see a consulting contract like this brought before the board. “I think this raises the potential appearance of a conflict of interest. A contract of that nature should’ve gone through the board,” Stegeman said, according to the Star.

The plaintiffs in the District’s desegregation case are considering filing a complaint with the Special Master appointed by federal Judge Bury. According to sources, Sanchez is proposing to use desegregation funds for capital improvements, which is not currently allowed. Sanchez wanted to use the desegregation funds intended to improve student performance to offer transforming closed schools into daycare centers for employees. The union backed proposal would offer below market childcare services to district employees as a benefit of working under the desegregation order.

For years, the plaintiffs have fought for those funds to be used to hire highly skilled teachers to work in underserved schools as well as tutoring and mentoring services. They have never been completely successful in making that a reality as the District has always viewed the desegregation monies as a slush fund for pet projects.


  1. …and now Raul Grijalva is asking if State Director of Education violated public trust by offering tuition scholarships to needy children? His daughter, and the Mexican consulat e pull his strings…and he dances. “he’s their puppet”….pull his strings and he’ll even sing, he’s their puppet.

  2. Today’s ADS runs the story of how Sanchez provided the contractor with inside info on the impending contract. That makes him as crooked as all the rest and he should be prosecuted. Fed up yet? I am. I’m completely fed up with this mindset of corruption and the “I got mine” mentality of elected and appointed officials. I guess we’re too close to Mexico to expect anything different. And that’s not a “racist” comment, mope like reality.

  3. Today’s ADS has the story of how Sanchez gave the contractor inside info on the impending contract. This guy is as crooked as all the rest. When will we be fed up with this crap and get someone to lead TUSD who isn’t a criminal? I guess that’ll happen when we elect a city council and board of supervisors who are interested in serving their community rather than looting it. That’ll never happen. The Mexican influence is alive and well in Arizona. Wow, was that a racist comment? I doubt it, more like reality than anything else.

  4. The TUSD Board needs to be reconstituted…..Adelita Grijalva needs to go!!!!!

    Francis Patrick Saitta, Ph.D.
    Candidate for the TUSD School Board.

    Community Education through: Student Success and Achievement via Behavioral and Academic Standards supported by a Competent and Dedicated School Board/Faculty/Staff/Administration and a modernized computer based Classroom Infrastructure.

    Let’s remove the two Board members and replace them with conscientious/experienced EDUCATORS; Let’s cure the Administrative “BLOAT” at TUSD and use the Money to expand Computer Labs with the incorporation of supportive computer tutorial/interactive software. Let’s ensure that Students are being taught properly by utilizing Standardized Assessment Examinations at each Grade Level. Let’s ensure that Faculty/Staff/Administration retention and promotion are based on MERIT only.

    45 Years of Teaching/Research Experience: from Kindergarten to Graduate Level Courses. Peace Corps Volunteer: Lesotho, Southern Africa: 1979-1981


    Editor: The Online Science Digest

    1992-1996 Johns Hopkins University: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Immunology and Infectious Disease (HIV/AIDS)
    1970-1972 University of Texas at Austin: Postdoctoral Fellow in Population Genetics
    1970 Ph.D., Biological Sciences (Genetics), University of Rhode Island Kingston, RI.
    1968 M.Sc., Genetics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.
    1966 B.Sc., Secondary Education/Biology, Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg, PA.
    Pennsylvania: Biology and General Science; Arizona: Biology, General Science, Mathematics, CTE Biomedical Sciences, and Structures English Immersion

    Geometry: Tucson High School; Algebra 1 and 2, Algebra 2 Honors: Rincon High School
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  5. This is what happens when you let Rauooool’s Daughter be in charge of hiring the person directing the education of the 40% of the community’s children.

    This guy came from one of the lowest performing school districts in the entire State of TEXAS.

  6. TUSD, not unlike the city and county, is being run like it’s part of a third world country, rife with corruption and dirty politics. What do you expect when the mindset is exactly that? I’m thankful every day that my kids got some of their fundamental learning completed before attending any TUSD school.

  7. Another example of governmental cronyism. Get your kids out of TUSD today. They would be better
    off listening to talk radio or home schooling. Rapidly on the way down hurrying to catch up with Detroit.

  8. …and now TUSD is going to convert closed schools to daycare for TUSD employees? So this is how the rich and famous spend our money. Jail time is necessary.

  9. How convenient. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sanchez is fitting right into this area. Didn’t take him long to figure out how to screw the taxpayer, just like the BOS and the COT.

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