MCCCD Governing Board called on to fire Chancellor

The Maricopa County Community College District Governing Board met Tuesday in Executive Session to discuss with their attorneys contemplated litigation regarding involving the security breach in 2012.

The District is expected to face not only a class action suit brought by the students’ who personal information may have been accessed in the hack attack, but by employees who had filed a grievance after they were allegedly retaliated against for expressing their concerns about the computer system’s vulnerabilities.

Chancellor Glasper

Chancellor Glasper

Rosie Lopez of the Hispanic Forum addressed the Board during the public comment portion of the meeting. Lopez called on the Board to fire District Chancellor Glasper for negligence and malfeasance.

She outlined the retaliation and harassment reported by employees. Lopez commented on the many attempts by various media outlets to obtain records only to be stonewalled.

The scene at Tuesday night’s meeting would look eerily familiar to anyone who had attended a meeting of the Pima Community College Governing Board. Members of that board are the subject of a recall after the College’s accreditation service put them on probation due to the Board’s failure to act on many claims of harassment by employees against former Chancellor Ray Flores.

Records indicate that the Chancellor was advised on numerous occasions that the security system was vulnerable. It appears that he ignored the concerns and failed to act upon them.

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