Robson finally caught red-handed stealing campaign signs

robson-stealing-signsOn Monday, near Warner and Dobson roads at approximately 10 p.m., Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office deputies caught Arizona legislator Rob Robson (R -6th district) in the act of stealing signs. He was cited and released.

Mike Richardson, a precinct committeeman in LD18, first reported that on August 9, 2014 Robson, was in the same area stealing signs with an accomplice. According to Richardson, Robson and political ally Jeff Dial have been removing and destroying signs for some time. He reported that there “have been in excess of 130 signs missing or destroyed. The signs in question are the public information signs that point out who voted for the Obamacare Expansion debacle thrust upon our state with the red “Arrow of Truth”. The arrows were pointed at the Robson Dial signs to inform the public of who it was in LD18 that did the dirty deed to Arizona and the AZGOP.”

ARS 16-1019 is a class 2 misdemeanor punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine.


  1. I have read some more stories by googling and it seems Robson will be claiming they are not official campaign signs because they do not have another candidates name on them.

  2. We now have lots of those types in office. While we’re at it, put politicians under the same “do not call” laws as the rest of us. I’m sick of my phone ringing with these recorded messages from the political liars.

    Make us EQUAL under the law. And then enforce them!

  3. ARS 16-1019 is a class 2 misdemeanor punishable by up to four months in jail and a $750 fine.

    Four months and $750. isnt much but it is something.

    The real crime is the fraud he has perpetrated on his constituents. He is dishonest and can’t be trusted to do anything but what suits his interests.

  4. it appears that there is an unwritten regulation that the attorney general, the Secretary of State or any local law enforcement officials look the other way if an elected official breakes the law. Nothing will happen to this elected criminal.

    He will continue to walk around with that stupid grin mocking the people of Arizona..

    Somebody needs to have the integrity to pursue the imposition of the penalty and put his A$$ in jail for the crime now that he was cited.

  5. The man should immediately resign or his resignation should be requested by the state legislature. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and he should never be allowed to run for public office again. However, all that being said if he was a democrat and did this in Pima County he would be free and clear now. Hummm, wasn’t it Romero’s husband that got caught with an opponents yard signs in his truck and yet nothing happened. He was just helping to keep the neighborhood “clean” from campaign signs blowing around?? Just another inconvenient law that the politicians don’t want enforced.

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