Data breach lost 4.5 million patient records including Oro Valley patients

Oro Valley Hospital

Oro Valley Hospital
Oro Valley Hospital
The parent company of Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital announced that it was the victim of a massive data-breach and customers are urged to take steps to safeguard their identities.

Community Health Systems (CHS), which operates 206 hospitals nationwide, announced that hackers have stolen data for 4.5 million patients. Data that has been compromised is said to include patient names, Social Security numbers, physical addresses, birth dates and telephone numbers.

A representative from Northwest Medical Center stated that no patient medical or financial data was stolen, and that Community Health Systems will be offering all affected patients free identity theft monitoring.

Community Health Systems will notify any Northwest Medical Center or Oro Valley Hospital patients that were affected by mail. Patients with questions about the status of their personal data should contact the hospitals directly.

The data breach is the latest in a string of high-profile data breaches in the past year that have included well-known companies like Target, Stub Hub and Neiman Marcus.

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  1. I entered Oro Valley hospital and was asked for my drivers license I said you can look at it but cannot make a copy.They argued and the check in person said we have govnt. ok to make copies I asked to see release from Govnt they had none. Its against the law for anyone to make a copy of your drivers license

  2. It is illegal for any doctors office to ask for your Social Security number. Yet you will find it on virtually every form that you get from these doctors. I know, as I have just moved here and experienced this first hand at five different offices of five different physicians. Each and every time I have refused to fill in that Social Security. When I tell the receptionist, they agree and say “oh yeah”. DON’T give out that number to anyone that does not have the right to have it. Identity theft is rampant in this country and that is the easiest way for criminals to start giving you major headaches.

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