Arizona primary ballot box stuffing caught on tape

A member of Citizens For A Better Arizona drops off harvested ballots in 2014

A. J. LaFaro, Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Committee testified at the 2013 hearings before the Arizona State Legislature regarding election reforms that eventually became HB-2305. At the time of its passage, opponents claimed the law would suppress the vote and disenfranchise the mostly Hispanic community.

In February 2014, the Arizona Legislature, caving to pressure from special interests groups, repealed the law.

Fast forward to August of 2014, and it appears as if the fears of those who initially supported the legislation were real; not the delusions or right wing kooks.

According to LaFaro, during the August 26th Primary election cycle, he “worked long hard days, for three weeks straight, with the Maricopa County Elections Department and all the wonderful citizen volunteers.” In his capacity as the official representative for the Republican Party, LaFaro says he participated in every aspect of the election cycle including observing logic and accuracy tests, and the early ballot process. LaFaro acted as a poll watcher and served on the count audit board and signed off on the unofficial final election results that were canvassed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

LaFaro says he worked to “protect our elections and the integrity of the vote.”

Latest news:
Questions raised about Arizona ballot harvesting from nursing homes

On August 25th, LaFaro was working with the Maricopa County Elections Staff observing early ballot processing at their MCTEC facility located at 510 S. Third Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003. According to LaFaro, “The team processing the early ballots through the optical scanning equipment had gotten way ahead of the “upstream” citizen boards preparing the early ballot batches for processing. The Information Systems Coordinator for Maricopa County Elections decided the team would take an extended lunch break from 11:30am until 1:00pm so I decided to relax and read my Wall Street Journal out in the main foyer area of the MCTEC Facility.”

LaFaro reports that he “was seated at one of the cubicles looking toward the reception area that is now behind bullet proof glass because of the violence and protesting that occurred by militant groups during the November, 2012, General Election.”

LaFaro recounts that between 12:54 p.m. and 1:04 p.m., he heard a loud thud and turned to see what was going on. “A person wearing a Citizens for a Better Arizona (CBA) t-shirt dropped a large box of hundreds of early ballots on the table and started stuffing the ballot box as I watched in amazement.”

While sound is not available on the recording LaFaro has provided the following account:

Person from CBA: “What’s your problem?”

LaFaro: “I don’t have a problem.”

Person from CBA: “Stop watching me. You’re annoying me.”

LaFaro ignored the request and continued observing the male.

LaFaro: “One of your ballots isn’t sealed.”

Person from CBA: “It’s none of your business. What’s your name?”

LaFaro: “I’m the Chairman of the Maricopa County Republican Party. What’s yours?”

Person from CBA: “Go fuck yourself! I don’t have to tell you who I am.”

LaFaro submitted a Public Information Request to Maricopa County Elections on 08/26 requesting the 24/7 security surveillance video tape for 08/25 from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. for the camera in the MCTEC foyer watching the ballot box – camera 9.

After the man was finishing stuffing most of the hundreds of ballots into the box, he is seen taking pictures, which according to LaFaro, were images of ballots “that he staged in the slot of the ballot box. He then hid behind the ballot box and table as he slipped the unsealed ballot into his brief and left.”

On the video, the man can be seen leaving and entering the building. LaFaro believes that the ballot he snuck out of the building was the very same one with which he left. After he dropped the ballot in the box, he said to LaFaro, ‘Go fuck yourself gringo.’

The unpleasant incident did not stop LaFaro. On August 26th, from 6:00 a.m. to 8:20 a.m. LaFaro went to South Tempe and Guadalupe to observe the polling place. “I went to four polling locations – the last one being the main one in Guadalupe. I wanted to watch a Guadalupe polling location because the DOJ said they were going to assign their attorneys to Citizens for a Better Arizona  to make sure Sheriff Joe and his deputies didn’t terrorize and disenfranchise the Hispanic voters,” said LaFaro.

LaFaro describes how he entered the Guadalupe polling location and identified himself to the Poll Inspector. LaFaro showed the inspector his my Arizona drivers license. “There were five poll workers sitting around pretty much doing nothing,” says LaFaro. “Three ballots had already been proceed through the machine, one early ballot was in the, secured lock box and one person who did not speak English was filling out a provisional ballot. I watched for about 20 minutes then left. As I was leaving, I stopped and spoke with the Poll Marshall. I asked him why it was so slow and he said that they had a big “ballot party” on Saturday. By the way, I didn’t see one person from the DOJ.”

LaFaro said that he doesn’t know much about the CBA man except that he “was a vulgar, disrespectful, violent thug that has no respect for our laws. I would have followed him to the parking lot to take down his tag number but I feared for my life.”

“I believe it’s inconceivable, unacceptable and should be illegal for groups to collect hundreds, if not thousands, of voter’s ballots and return them to the elections offices or polling locations. And let’s not forget the “ballot parties” that occur where people gather en masse and give their unvoted ballots to operatives of organizations like Citizens for a Better Arizona so they can not only collect them but vote them illegally. America use to be a nation of laws where one person had one vote.” LaFaro concluded, “I’m sad to say not anymore.”


  1. Actually, if you check this story out properly (which none of you did), you will find it wasn’t a Democrat BUT A REPUBLICAN who staged that stuffing incident. It was hatched right out of the McCain groupies. Surprised?? We aren’t. How do you people think McCain keeps getting elected when he never carries the majority vote???

  2. jeff ????? have no idea what you are trying to convey here. Yes there is a concealed carry law in AZ, actually there are at least 2 divisions of it. 1 any citizen can carry concealed in certain areas/instances. 2 CCW permit holders can carry in many more places that the unlicensed carrier can. So what are you trying to say or are you trying to say anything at all?

  3. So when you go to observe balloting, go armed. There’s no concealed carry law in AZ now. Just take a gun and then go see the license plate…

  4. one vote at the polling place – reduce the mail ballots to ‘absolute need’ – service personal – out of country – illness – certified vote – the mail in system begs fraud

  5. It is perfectly legal for someone to collect absentee ballots and deliver them to the nearest polling station. Those ballots will be judged like all the others in the box. Conservatives really want to keep the riff raff from voting and jump at it every chance they get but they won’t be able to rely on vote suppression much longer . Another problem for conservatives is that absentee ballots, although one of the most vulnerable aspects of the electoral system, are the part of it that is most used by Republican voters according to studies so you will not see any restriction of them in states that have Republican governors

  6. Perhaps votes should be collected by an army of state workers going door-to-door on evenings and weekends for 2 months leading up to the election, to ensure that a ballot is collected from every citizen. They could also register voters at the same time.

  7. I voted absentee in 2008. When I returned I found a message on my answering machine from PC Elections. It was then a week after the election. They claimed my signature didn’t match so they did not count my vote.

  8. A lady in the South ACCIDENTALLY voted absentee and in person because a poll worker told her that they were not sure her first vote was in, AND she went to prison so the GOP could make a point of finding A CASE of “fraud.” I have worked the polls, and what is shown on the tape is not possible for many reasons. 1. The poll has a running count off all votes cast. A bunch of ballots stuffed into a box would be noticed immediately. 2. ALL of those ballots have to be SIGNED and matched against the voter rolls. 3. It is suggested those are ABSENTEE ballots. Those ballots have to be mailed in, or presented to a clerk. If they were put in a ballot box they would NOT count. Why was this not a scandal IMMEDIATELY and the feds called in? Because it is an obvious setup and scam perpetrated by the guy who was told “F you gringo.” What a joke! IF it actually happened it would NOT work, AND the perpetrator would have been arrested.

    • It wasn’t an actual “ballot box.” He put the absentee ballots in a receptacle set up to receive them. From Yvonne Reed, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Elections Department, said the event occurred at an “operations center,” and “there’s no investigation. There’s nothing wrong with that.”
      “People can bring in someone else’s ballot if those people are willing to trust that individual,” Reed said. “There’s no law against bringing in ballots and placing them in the receptacle for early ballots.”

  9. It would be helpful to understand election laws before you start claiming “fraud.” First, in Arizona (and I suspect every other state) when it comes to voting an absentee ballot, you have to sign the envelop the ballot was returned in. Here is Arizona law:

    16-550.Receipt of voter’s ballot
    A. Upon receipt of the envelope containing the early ballot and the completed affidavit, the county recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall compare the signatures thereon with the signature of the elector on his registration form. If satisfied that the signatures correspond, the recorder or other officer in charge of elections shall hold them unopened in accordance with the rules of the secretary of state.

    So each and every one of those ballots put into the ballot box are examined and compared the the signature on file for that voter. Don’t match? Ballot is rejected.

  10. Yeah that guy looks like a real threat. In his flip-flips…taking a photo with his ipad. Delivering absentee ballots. How convienient that there’s no audio on the video so there’s no proof that what the guy said is true. How did he demonstrate being violent or threatening? The burden of proof is on him. This isn’t a demonstration of voter fraud, it’s a demonstration of a paranoid republican shocked that a brown person is voting, or otherwise participating in the democratic process by delivering absentee ballots. Perfectly legal.

  11. The biggest backers of unlimited immigration, Christian persecution and voter fraud: the ADL, $PLC, Simon Wiesenthal Center, ACLU.

    Alvarez, where did you pull those stats out for voter fraud? By your reasoning, we should do away with IDs for everything. You fear the rule of law and the principle of one-citizen, one-vote. Not a surprise. The papist Latin world gave the Fascism and tin horn dictators. Anglo-Saxon liberty and prosperity are foreign to such never-industrialized cultures.

  12. This is not voter fraud (How would a photo ID prevent this?) This is a case of election fraud. Who is in charge of the polling stations in Arizona? Why no security?

  13. It is perfectly legal for any political group, Republican or Democrat, Tea Party or liberal, to collect absentee ballots and deliver them to the appropriate drop off location. Let me repeat, perfectly legal.

    If there is anything seriously wrong on this video, it’s the attitude and behavior of the chairman of the Republican party, who treats this person as a criminal even though what he’s doing is perfectly legal.

    And the loud outcry from the far right that this is proof of voter fraud? Hmm, it would seem to be that it proves their own racism more than anything else.

    Let me repeat. Perfectly legal.

    • Some good points are made in the link that man stuffing ballots was only legally dropping off ballots and only committed a minor breach by sealing a ballot someone forgot to seal. CBA also claims no profanity which is one man’s story against another.

      I like how warbler emphasises the point that liberals would never engage in pointless profanity.

      It would be interesting to audit a pile of ballots that some partisan group collects and see if the people actually voted them. However, I doubt if there’s any way to do that unless counties started to care about election integrity.

      We do know that a lot of voter fraud is going on, thanks to information in Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk, by John Fund & Hans von Spakovsky.

  14. The article doesn’t say it is illegal because it isn’t. The fact that some creep convinces old people or whoever to hand over their ballots is not illegal but it sure is unethical.

    • How so? Could this not be a valid community service for those unable to return their ballots on time?
      As you can see by the comments most think this is illegal. The assumptions and profiling in the comments here demonstrate an ignorance of the law and unfair conclusions to the motive of the person. He may be a saint to those he is helping.

  15. Before anyone gets to far into this discussion please read the followinig taken from the official Arizona Voting Handook published by the State of AZ. It makes many of you look foolish.

    “After they have securely sealed the voted ballot inside the early ballot return envelope,
    voters may voluntarily give their voted early ballot to a person of their choice for delivery
    to the Recorder or a polling place. The designated person shall not tamper with the
    envelope or the ballot and shall not deliberately fail to deliver the ballot to the Recorder
    or a polling place within the voter’s county of residence.”

  16. The dude is caught on camera committing a crime. Open and shut case right? And how convenient that he’s wearing a t-shirt of a GOP enemy as he commits the crime. If somebody were prone to conspiracy theories (ahem…Obama is a Muslim, a Kenyan, the anti-Christ, etc.) he might think this was a crock. But I guess the forthcoming arrest records for this guy will prove me wrong. Any minute now they’ll be arresting this dude, right? Actually they’ve surely caught him by now. What’s his name, and where/when was he booked into custody?

  17. “The Information Systems Coordinator for Maricopa County Elections decided the team would take an extended lunch break from 11:30am until 1:00pm. Why the heck didn’t they stagger the lunch times? How did they know that nobody would show up. Ballot stuffing is bad enough, but this also sounds like dereliction of duty.

    And, as another poster asker, based on that tape, was the entire box of ballots invalidated?

    And/or . . . spend some bucks and check the fingerprints on the ballot – just a half dozen or so would single out the common element. Then make it be known that the fingerprints are on file and will be investigated. Even if the guy has no record, it will make him sweat. A good use of taxpayer money, IMO.

  18. This is legal? Damn! Wish he had had an American flag shirt on and see the look on Parraz face if roles were reversed.

  19. What is being alleged here, exactly? To me, it sounds like someone made a routine delivery of absentee ballots to a polling station. What is the alleged crime, and what is the evidence of it? What is the police follow up? Why is that not mentioned in the report? The fishy thing is the repub dude.

  20. Why didn’t anyone stop him? Will they count those fraudulent votes? All those votes need to be thrown out. What’s going on? Is anyone in charge?!

    • Agreed. LaFaro should have reported the incident and all those ballots should be withheld from the election – but retained as evidence. Stealing an election is a crime against the entire nation. We can’t just roll over or our country will be gone. It’s already well on the way…

      • Evidence of what? He did nothing illegal. State law allows a person, once their ballot is sealed and signed, to give to another person of their choice to turn in.

  21. So what’s the point of having a poll watcher if he’s afraid to even get a license tag number???
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

  22. I think you can delete the soon, out of, soon to have a country and culture like they are leaving. Look around. We’ve been building Mexico north for a lot of years.

  23. Listen CBA man, there is my name, there is my address, contact me, talk to me as you did these people and I’ll make you wish your mother had aborted you. You godless Liberal sons of bitches from hell are destroying this country, again, there is my info. Please contact me you freaking BEANER.

  24. I believe the only way to put a stop to this practice is to simply allow absentee ballots for those unable due to illness etc. to vote that way and all others must go to the polls, other than that this is an invitation to cheat, not to mention this is also how those in power stay in power as they know day by day who’s voted leading to who they need to call to get wanted results, so please end the practice, which will end the problem.
    God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

  25. What do you expect from an Illegal Immigrant. Those are the people that got Obama elected the second time around. VOTE FRAUD IS REAL AMERICA! Early voting, vote by mail and not having to show your ID to vote is fueling Voter Fraud! Don’t let our Government stop states that want to protect the ballot box. I was a Democrat for over 40 years and now I refuse to vote for one of them! They are the most fraudulent party of them all. VOTE REPUBLICAN TO STOP OBAMA AND TO GET OUR COUNTRY BACK. CLOSE OUR BORDERS AND DEPORT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. THE DEMOCRATS WON’T DO IT!

  26. HB2305 would have ended this practice. Michele Reagan authored and sponsored the bill; Terry Goddard opposed it. That’s all that’s important about this story.

    • Execution.

      Americans have fought, be mained, and died in warfare we are told is in part to insure our Right to Vote, and our Right to have our Vote COUNTED as Cast, not altered, not stolen.

      It is my Opinion that Vote COUNT UP Fraud is a crime against the entire nation, even if it means One Dog Catcher, anywhere.

  27. Election fraud. I’ve been saying it in PC for 40 years.

    Pictured ID. Sorry Democrats. You can donate to the poor to cover the cost of pic’d ID. Election theft is destroying America.

    • It has ALSO come to light that he was perfectly legal, and this Nazi creep Republican who clearly doesn’t like brown people just lost it at the thought of people actually exercising their right to vote if they had the wrong skin tone. CBA helps collect absentee ballots from nursing homes, disabled people, and so forth – and have done so FOR YEARS legitimately and with not ONE INSTANCE of voter fraud. I’ll say one thing for the racism in this country – having Obama as president has certainly unveiled just how bad a problem it is in the GOP.

  28. I don’t understand how someone can put ballots in a ballot box like this. In my county we fill out the ONE ballot we are given after we show ID and then it is scanned. How does an elections official allow such a system to even exist where an individual can get away with this?!!!

    • The system in your county is the system that is being fought against by those who claim it is
      “racist” to expect people to have an ID, and vote only once. It is that same system where I vote. I have lived in the same place for 35 years, and the people at the voting places know me very well – but I still have to present a valid ID to vote…. and I should. I don’t have a bit of problem doing so. The only people it bothers are scum like above. Makes me want to vomit. I bet you my last dollar that if those fighting sohard against having an ID to vote were told they were qualified for a big check – as long as they had valid ID – they wouldn’t call it racist.

    • Eric, this is someone who collected absentee ballots for a bunch of people and is delivering them to the ballot facility. His t-shirt gives it away (he’s part of a minority “Get Out The Vote” campaign). As long as the ballots are sealed, what he’s doing is 100% legal. It’s the unsealed ballot that he left with and returned with that is outside the law. Unfortunately, because LeFaro didn’t get more information and because the likely sealing of the ballot happened out of sight of the camera, there isn’t any evidence, so that single ballot that should be held out of the election will likely be counted. The rest of them are almost certainly legit.

  29. El Thuggo was probably one of obamao’s DOJ lawyer/monitors, hard at work in AZ, doing the jobs real Americans won’t do.

    Thanks to hordes of low-information voters and legislators, we in AZ get to celebrate 30 days of early vote fraud and mail-in vote fraud every election. The Constitutional requirement for an election day, like the rest of the document, has been hammered, twisted and burned away.

    Now we have illegal aliens, dead people, cartoon characters and the Dallas Cowboys football team voting in AZ. For whom do you think they vote?

    ACORN is alive and well, working hard in AZ and everywhere, and sucking up billions of our tax dollars for their treason. Where is the oversight from the AZ4? (silence)

    God bless America.

    • Riddle me this: If voter fraud is so incredibly rampant, and it is exclusively on the Democrat side of the ballots, then how does Arizona have two Republican senators, a Republican governor, a Republican state legislature?
      Guess Democrats just aren’t as good at cheating as Republicans.

    • Picture IDs wouldn’t have changed any of this but stopping early voting all together would. That way IDs can be used at the polls, just like you used to do it when your name got checked off.

      • Picture ID would mean one person per ballot and your picture better have the same name as the ballot you are casting. Voting is a privilege earned by the blood of many dead soldiers. If you can’t do it legally, get the hell out.

        • Jim alleges “Voting is a privilege earned by the blood of many dead soldiers.”

          Don’t be stupid, Jim. Americans have the right to vote without soldiers lifting a finger. Are you referring to the American revolutionaries? They only got the vote for wealthy white men. They didn’t regard slaves as a whole person, even. You are trying to bring back that sorry day with your foolish claims.

        • Joe Alvarez – American revolutionaries only got the vote for wealthy white men and didnt regard slaves as a whole person …trying to brink back that sorry day?

          The American revolution allowed everything we see today. Liberals fail to look at historical things in perspective – what was going on in the rest of the world? Where were those wonderful places that allowed women to vote at that time? If you knew history, you would not bring up counting slaves as less than a full person unless it was to enrage fellow liberals who have no clue that was done to LIMIT the voting power of the slave states. A larger population leads to more representatives; counting slaves as a full person increased the representation of the slave states, counting them as less than a full person LIMITED slave states power.

          Take some time off from your hatred of this country and think before you spout.

        • Ah, the old 3/5 a person play. You do understand that representation in the house is based on population, right? What that means is that by counting slaves, who did not vote, as 3/5 of a person, you greatly reduce the number and power of southern representatives, who are the ones likely to continue to support the institution of slavery, in the house, and therefore, in the federal government. That is what is known as a second order effect. All government actions have second and third order effects, it would behoove you to know them before you condemn (or endorse) a government action.

        • Thank you Mr. Meadley for saving me the trouble of responding to this ignoramus. Clearly the product of our public education system.

        • Oh Joe, do you really embrace voter fraud? And why do Mexicans and everyone else for that matter come to America? For a better life with more opportunities right? To escape the corruption that thrives in Mexico. That’s why my great grandparents immigrated from Italy. The problem I have is you are endorsing the very same corruption that people south of the border are trying to get away from. So what will you do when America becomes as corrupt as Mexico and the drug cartels run the country and they are the only ones with guns and they are paying off every judge, cop, and politician in the country? Where will you go then, perhaps to Canada to go and destroy that country with corruption? And guess what Joe, if it wasn’t for soldiers starting from the revolutionary war up to today’s soldiers who fight for our freedom for almost poverty wages there would be no America. If you don’t like the way things run here and if you don’t like our laws, then go somewhere else.

        • Jim,

          Exactly HOW would a Voter ID Law stop this from happening? The only thing it stops, is in-person voter fraud. It IS NOT illegal to have “Ballot Parties” or to collect early ballots as a group. This person in the video, could have just been dropping off collected ballots, with no fraud taking place. Was this person arrested or charged? How many convictions of Voter Fraud have their been, to justify a new Voter ID Law? I will tell you, since you Right-Wing, Teabaggers/Teapublicans/ Whatever you are calling yourselves this week can’t or won’t give numbers…… There have been a grand total of 26 convictions in the past 12 years !! 26 !! Oh my !!

    • Hey, fuck you. Some people NEED to vote by mail because the nearest polling place is THIRTY MILES AWAY. Morons.

  30. people wanting power at any cost – who cares – as long as they get their’s they don’t – this is what being left is… and for the right it’ll be ‘left out’

  31. That is sad that we can no longer trust people anymore it’s even more dangerous now since we have open borders and the laws no longer protect us anymore.We need trust worthy people to guard our polls.

    • Yes.. and the founding fathers said that once this happens.. … we are finished as a free Nation.. they were Right.. we are!.. the Bible states also that in the Endtimes the Foreigners will take your land and your land and your posessions.. I think we are about there now.

  32. Yea, the liberal way, vote early and vote often. Dead or alive, makes no difference. Don’t speak English and can’t read, no problem. Not registered? No problem. Yea, voter fraud doesn’t exist does it? No wonder we are going down the backside of the hill and gaining speed all the time.

    • So where’s the rest of the story? When they returned from lunch what did the team processing the ballots say when A.J. told them what happened?

      Something smells fishy here,

      • I don’t believe he was arrested; he didn’t violate any laws. Unless being brown is against the law in the great state of Arizona.

    • Here we have a Mexican and who nows if he is legal or illegal putting hundreds of ballots in the box and who knows if he signed them or put dead peoples name on them, then he calls the man watching him a gringo and tells him to go f–k himself. If this isn’t blatent illegal ballots being put in the box then i’m Mickey Mouse. Send this video to Sheriff Joe and see if this guy tells Joe to go F–k himself. It’s time to seal our borders and throw the bastards in jail.

    • I know illegals vote here in NM they catch them every year, it’s the ones they don’t catch that worries me.

    • so, because he is wearing a democratic t-shirt, people actually think he’s a democrat? because it would seem to me that if someone were going to commit fraud of this nature it would be foolish to represent your own party when you could so easily blame it on the opposition by… say… wearing their logo while you do it? then just let the public make a mess of it.

    • Jdfast, it must be a hard life living in the bubble of stupidity you’re caught in. There has never been a single liberal doing what you claim they do. Voter fraud is almost non-existent as has been shown by numerous reports. Go lie to people who’ll believe you. This isn’t that place.

    • People can’t read or have reading challenges for various reasons…dyslexia, macular degeneration, blindness. Immigrants throughout the generations have been in various stages of English proficiency from rank beginner to fluent. Not sure this should be a reason to exclude them from voting.

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