Arizona RNC Chair resignation sought after calling for attack against radio host

james-tArizona’s RNC Committeeman Bruce Ash called for violence this weekend against a popular conservative radio show host James T. Harris in case establishment candidate Martha McSally should lose the CD2 congressional race.

Now, Republican leaders in Pima County are calling for his resignation. It is always the cover-up that sinks you.

On Saturday, November 8, Ash appeared on a radio show hosted by Emil Franzi. “The radio dialogue went rogue,” according to Command Chief Master Sergeant (ret.) Chuck Wooten, a community leader who challenged McSally in the Republican Primary.

Listeners heard Franzi wrongly allege that Harris had endorsed the Democrat incumbent in the race; Congressman Ron Barber. Ash doubled down on Franzi’s weird suggestion that someone go over and “hang up a sign about [James T.]Harris and that phony light colonel [Lt. Col. (ret) Thomas Norris] who was over there endorsing Barber.” Ash replied, “How about kneecapping the both of them…,” referring to both Harris and another host at the station, Jon Justice.

Lt. Col. (ret) Thomas Norris is a legend in the A-10 community and he has been working closely with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte and Congressman Barber on saving the A-10. It was on Harris’s show that the nation first learned of the Air Force’s plans to mothball the aircraft.

“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” said Wooten in his statement calling for Ash’s resignation. “In the process of shredding virtually everyone in their path, particularly conservative Republicans that do not agree with them, the show’s host and Ash launched into a tirade that went really badly, really quickly.”

Wooten was prompted to call for the resignation after the rank and file of the Party became outraged when at first Ash denied that he called for an attack on Facebook.

Harris had jokingly posted on Facebook ala Nancy Kerrigan,” Holy Establishment backlash, Batman! On 1030 KVOI, Bruce Ash, the AZ Republican National Committeeman (1 of 50) just called for me to be physically harmed? He said that if McSally loses, I should be “kneecapped.” Does that make him the Tonya Harding of politics? “Why? Bruce? Why? Why????”

The elderly Ash responded on Harris’s Facebook page, “Dude—Your (sic) acting like an idiot. You should listen to the podcast. Get your facts straight. What is correct is your perpetual kneecapping of Martha McSally in this election has been deplorable.”

Listen to Ash in Inside Track

Ash’s denial set off a firestorm and when the tape was finally made available, the calls for Wooten and other leaders to act from the grassroots went out.

When newly elected State Representative Mark Finchem, (AZ House) was asked about the comments he said, “There is no room in a civil society for individuals to essentially call for physical injury or a “hit” against anyone, no matter what one’s own political position or affiliations might be. The reason James T Harris’ show is so successful is that he calls political types on their shenanigans, and that resonates with many conservative thinkers from both major parties, and especially independents who are principled.”

Just today, the race was called for McSally with an automatic recount, due to the fact that there are still nearly 900 votes in question and she has a lead of 133 votes in the Republican leaning CD2.

“Using a tactic we’ve become all too accustomed to from the Obama administration, Ash launched into a predictable damage-control posture and unsuccessfully attempted to deflect blame back onto Harris. Ash was clearly attempting to cover his tracks, which is a sure sign he knows he messed up. Digital media is a stubborn thing and the unedited radio broadcast is available in its entirety. Nice try, but…” said Wooten.

“Tucson is not Chicago. Mr. Ash may fancy himself a Don-wannabe, but the brazenness in which he so flippantly issued his edict over public airwaves must be dealt with by the RNC—and swiftly,” concluded Wooten.

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  1. Bruce and Emil’s hateful personal attacks are destroying the honest Republicans. Doug Martin needs to take responsibility and pull the plug on these two scumballs before they completely crash the Republican Party.

  2. Bruce is not going to give up and he made it perfectly clear this weekend he was an arrogant ASHOLE crawl back under the rock you came from

  3. Defund the state and local GOP. It’s the only way to get slimebags like Ash & Franzi out of here. It’s too bad Antenori was bought off so cheaply by them. Citizen selected candidates only. Support them personally…not through the party.

  4. N71, whats to join? I did make my complaints to the rnc when all they could do was send requests for $$. The never read what is sent to them and then they never pass down anything to the lower echelons. As to the door to door, not around here. Only door to door seen are the witnesses when they make their rounds!

    Just like the uofa never hear from them until they figure you might be making money or you were donating to one college or something. Then they ring your phone and hit ya with more junk mail. As to the phone calls, which of the several hundred that came in are you referring to? the ones from mclame telling folks they need to donate? I dont live in the foothills or the fancy neighborhoods. Where I am its in the middle of the dems playground and you think the r’s will even bother? What fairy land do you live in? When we went in to vote once they were amazed that we were registered as R’s in the local area! The R’s are afraid to even make a challenge to the d party here. They dont even support the people that call themselves R’s, if they spent a little of what they did for mcsilly for the lady against the toad it might have made a difference, but like mr wooten she is not one of the good ol boys and thus is on her own. They did it with ms mclung/mclure a couple of years ago and she almost won, but the R’s do not support their own homegrown, only carpet baggers like mclame it seems. No $$ until they find and support QUALIFIED candidates and people that actually live in the area they are supposed to represent.

  5. Why doesn’t everyone flood the National RNC Office calling for Reince Preibus to have him resign? Here’s the number. 202-863-8500 This guy is one of the reasons we are stuck in the situation we are in. He has endorsed in Primaries in the past to keep his establishment running smooth so he can keep his pockets filled as well (for his business). Rumors are he has been recruiting for people to run against good Conservative candidates. He has to go. We have to get rid of leaders like Ash who further the corruption in this town.

  6. I didn’t hear everything (Harris or Franzi/Ash) so I’ll only speak to Hank’s comment. Change is coming to the local GOP, starting this weekend. And obviously you do not live where I do or you were somewhere else when folks went door to door, or called you up prior to the election.
    BTW..I don’t think I have seen you taking steps to join in to provide an alternative to all you see as “wrong” with the Party. Put some action behind your complaints.

  7. The real issue is WHERE are Mclame and company in not doing something about this? They claim to be the ‘party’ leaders but maybe its not this type of party? Anyhow, almost all of the r’s supposed leaders are true jerk offs. There is no R party in baja az, when was the last time you were contacted or even saw a local R party person anywhere? Maybe at the party PARTY but thats about it.

  8. I don’t recall JTH saying he supported Barber — what I may have heard him say is he couldn’t support McSally, and there are lots of us in that category for various reasons. But, it doesn’t mean that I would vote for Barber over McSally had I lived in CD2…

  9. MY MY what a liar this Bruce Ash is. How did he ever acquire this position in the Republican party? He shows no class, I would think member of the Party would be contacting him and not asking but telling him to resign. I always thought Republicans were somewhat well behaved. Republicans usually set higher standards for themselves. He sounds worse than a Chicago Democrat.

  10. Tanya Harding! On July 6, 2012 AM 1030 the Voice Emil Franzi’s Show, Bruce Ash did a similar hit on Ray Carroll’s primary opponent Shawn Collins during the PCBOS District 4 race. The two men (?) agreed that Randy Graf was a “gob of snot.” This behavior has no place.

  11. Not sure why the audio clip also insulted Lori Hunnicut from the ADI?!? Anyway, Brush Ash is a political strategist, whereas James T Harris is a TALK SHOW HOST – they don’t have the same goals, nor should they. If everyone on the Right got together to decide how we all should think/act/talk the same, then we would be just like the democrats. I appreciate people on the Right expressing differing viewpoints; just leave the threats of violence out.

  12. To me the worst part is he says it, then says he didn’t.
    It seems like most every politician from the president down forgets about modern technology, well really not so modern.
    If they would do like the Chief and say what they mean, and mean what they say, and then own what they say things would be a lot better for everyone.

  13. I don’t see now blood or broken bones – so there must not have been no sticks or stones – the words – well you just have to look out for them if there hanging there in front of you in the sky and your riding away on your horse…. otherwise.. talk is cheap

  14. Hey, Chuck Woot-woot… don’t be insulting Chicago like that… they just don’t threaten knee capping in Crook County. They simply do it…

  15. Jt , count on me I got your back against these folks ( shouldn’t say what I”m thinking). Count on me JT.

  16. From Wikipedia:

    During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, paramilitaries considered themselves to be law enforcers in their own areas. They used limb punishment shootings to punish petty criminals and other individuals whose behaviour they deemed to be unacceptable. If the crime was considered to be grave, the victim was also shot in the ankles and elbows, leaving them with six gunshot wounds. Approximately 2,500 people were victims of limb punishment shootings through the duration of the conflict. Those who were attacked carried a social stigma with them.[2]

    The Red Brigades, an Italian militant organization, employed limb punishment shootings to warn their opponents. They used the method to punish at least 75 people up to December 1978.[3] More recently limb punishment shootings have been employed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip to silence their Palestinian critics.[4]

    Bruce Ash has interesting company

  17. Thanks Chuck for the leadership and wisdom. Too bad Ash, Franzi, Cox, Antenori, and the rest of the establishment R’s wouldn’t support anyone but McCain’s pick. Want to know why people are leaving
    the party in droves after the way Chuck was treated…this article is a great example These people are vicious and don’t give a damn about the citizens. They thwarted our citizen selected candidate numerous times in order to get their sycophant McSally into the general. The whole bunch and anyone associated with them should get out of the way and let the party return to it’s roots. Ash was in GV and said the Nat’l party decided not to mess in the primaries. Just a bald faced lie but he high tailed it out of town before anyone could question him.

  18. Time for Ash to go. Franzi must have forgotten when Kolbe endorsed Giffords that started this range war.

    Bring conservatism back to the PCRP. It can win elections.

    Looking for leadership….

  19. I also join rank that he should resign. I hope a complaint was filed with police and FTC? Any radio station that condones or encourages violence must be silenced.

    This is a reminder of my position that the R & D are both corrupt. They don’t care about the ppl in this great country, only the party.

  20. If you have ever watched Bruce Ash on Jim Nintzel AZ illustrated you know what a scumball he is….ray carroll should be next…when are our pc’s gonna do this?

  21. If one listens to the tape of the remarks, one recognizes immediately that they were not uttered in humor. These two alinsky thugs were not “joking around.” They are out for bloody revenge against conservatives who are fighting for US.

    Emil Franzi, the radio host akin to the tree falling in the forest, has a vitriolic history of attacks on conservatives, and obviously made Mr. McAsh feel comfortable in calling for the ‘hit’ on JT Harris. Not surprising, as Mr. McAsh is a McGOP’er and totally in the tank for AMNESTY for 40 – 50 million illegal aliens, criminals & terrorists included. He must think that Ron Barber would be a tougher sell on total AMNESTY than the McRINO rubber-stamp pick of the boyish McMcMcSally.

    Criticism of the McGOP does not make Mr. McAsh happy. He should resign, and take Robert McGraham AZ McGOP Chair and Carolyn McCox Pima County McGOP Chair with him.

    God bless America.

  22. Looks like just hyped outrage to me. There’s a lot of joking around on radio shows. Even James T Harris was joking in his reply.

    Hyped outrage is a liberal thing; I don’t know why non-liberals would engage in it unless the “culture” of hyped outrage carried over from liberal to moderate Independents and is now attempting to pervade the conservatives.

    We certainly don’t need it, however. It looks great over on the liberal side and helps make their arguments look ridiculous.

    • “Hyped outrage” exists in both parties. Look no further than Fox New’s coverage of the Ebola “outbreak” in the US. Talk about hyped outrage. You can see that almost daily on concervative Fox News just as you can every day on the polar oppositve MSNBC. The sooner we have more moderate, middle of the road people in office, the better. The polarization of our nation needs to stop as it does nothing to move our nation forward.

      • No, I don’t really see that as much on Fox News, a little that is in all news but not nearly as much as from liberal news media. What I usually see in moderates are people that can’t make up their minds because of being uninformed. Don’t need those, either.

        However, I did hear the the narrow part of the tape and Chuck Wooten on James T Harris Show today where he explained in depth the feeling he got of serious anger from Ash and Franzi. That’s too bad because conservatives don’t need that nastiness. It’s better left to liberals. I don’t mind hearing it from them because it points out their pointlessness.

        I also remember when Jesse Kelly won the primary in this same race years ago and narrowly lost the general election. I said at the time and believe it was due to McSally volunteer/GOP Establishment nastiness to Kelly which poisoned the electorate against him. However, conservatives did not slander veterans and call for kneecapping that I heard.

        I would like to see a statement from Bruce Ash about this. Franzi is irrelevant but he should apologize for his “phony” remark. Interesting how Franzi once fawned over and endorsed a radical anti-war Code Pink candidate because “she’s a veteran!”

  23. What a screwed up mess and all in the name of politics. Ash should resign and someone should open the tent door that will accept all people and just not the McCain ideologists. These people don’t want to be questioned on any decision that they make for the good of the voters. Don’t you know that they know best. When one of the architects of the ACA called the voters stupid and said that the ACA was passed on purpose with most of the bill being secret because that way the stupid voters wouldn’t know anything about it and the democrats could do anything they wanted. Well, both parties do that and its time to stop. If the voters don’t get educated then you will simply have more people like McSally get elected because they are the “chosen” ones. However, I don’t look for an electorate to become smarter and informed, so don’t bitch when McCain’s clone votes just like him.

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