Arpaio takes away access to all video visitation, phones calls from Arias

arias-bannedMaricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has taken away access to all video visitation and phones calls of a non-legal nature from Inmate Jodi Arias for violating several jail rules.

Arias appeared before a Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office hearing Sergeant this week who informed her of the Sheriff’s decision that she was to be sanctioned for three separate rule violations.

Arias will be on 42 days restriction, meaning she will no longer have access to non-legal visits or phone calls, and cannot order commissary during this period of time, leaving her restricted to the two meal day, all vegetarian meals served at Arpaio’s jails. Arias has historically spent around $100 a week on candy and other tasty food items to supplement the rather bland diet served in his jails. Detention staff says her food trays are often returned barely touched.

“Arias has been in my jail for seven years and has broken some rules during that time but she seems to be escalating her bad behavior now that she has been through trial,” Arpaio says. “Arias needs to understand that while she is in my jail, she is to obey all the rules and breaking them has consequences.”

The three rule violations come after Sheriff Arpaio found evidence that Arias was communicating with minors over the video visitation system, and using other inmates to make phone calls to people on the outside of jail in an attempt to avoid monitoring.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Arpaio banned 10 of Arias’ visitors, including two 15 year olds and a remote video visitor from Greece. These ten visitors who no longer can visit with Arias were banned for violations such as using cell phones for photographic purposes and/or using other people’s names/accounts in order to gain access to Arias.

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