Hillary Clinton’s Watergate

hillaryRichard Nixon was forced to resign as president because he erased eighteen and a half minutes of tape.  Hillary Clinton admitted to destroying thousands of emails. She turned over to the State Department a little over 55,000 emails. Who were the reviewers? Hillary and her lawyers conducted the review: so much for objectivity and credibility.

Allegedly, her staff searched for work related emails, e.g., .gov addresses, names of government officials, and terms like “Benghazi” and “Libya.”  Why would she specifically look for emails referencing Benghazi or Libya?   Trey Gowdy, chair of the House investigation into Benghazi is on record stating that there are huge gaps in Clinton’s emails, “gaps of months and months.”

Hillary Clinton, in her statement, suggested she will resist any attempts by Congress to subpoena her server, which, she stated, would remain private. Trey Gowdy insists that a third impartial party, such as a retired judge or Inspector General, must inspect the server and emails.  These opposing views sets up a long drawn out battle to determine whether the American people have a right to determine if Clinton acted within the law or if Clinton can succeed in hiding government emails on a private server.

Hillary Clinton has not even announced she is going to campaign for president and already Clinton fatigue is returning.  Senator Diane Feinstein, D-California, told Hillary to “step up,” “come forward.”  There is only one conceivable reason Hillary had her own email server: she retained the ability to hide what she was doing.

This is Clinton dishonesty again.  Remember Hillary’s close friends the McDougal’s. They bought land in the Ozark’s with Bill and Hillary. Bill and Hillary received 50% interest with no cash down. How does that work? The McDougal’s end up in prison.

Remember Webster Hubbell, Hillary’s former law partner. He went to prison for her and Bill.

Then Hillary invested $1,000 in cattle futures. She cashes out earning a $100,000 on her investment without having any prior experience in cattle futures. Then there was Travelgate, where Hillary Clinton trumped up charges against the existing staff in order to give the White House travel business to friends from Arkansas.

Who can forget the health care debacle in the Clinton administration? Hillary secretly ran the health care task force. Federal Judge Royce Lamberth hit the Clinton administration with $286,000 in fines in a coverup of Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the task force.

It goes on: Filegate, Chinagate . . . now Emailgate. . . is there no end?  To top it off, foreign governments gave money to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary was Secretary of State. Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, all countries who culturally degrade and abuse their women . . . while Hillary does nothing to refute their mistreatment of women because the money is so good.

Hamilton Jordan, Chief of Staff to President Carter, was correct in describing the Clinton’s as grifters, “fast-talking con artists who roamed the countryside, profiting at the expense of the poor and uneducated, always one step ahead of the law, moving on before they were held accountable for their schemes and half-truths.” The Clinton’s are not the former First Family; they are the First Grifters. Surely, the Democrats can do better than to select another grifter to run for president.


  1. There are many books written about Hillary Clinton scandals and the countless crimes she and her crime king husband committed. Thanks to money, power, blackmail and brute force against witnesses and complainants, they always manage to skate through.

    How ignorant can a Clinton supporter be? On a scale of 1 to 10, I estimate about 100.

    • You could repeat your statement and replace Clinton with Bush. I’m still waiting on a real candidate to emerge on either side. The names Clinton, Biden, Bush, Walker, Paul, Christie, Perry, Huckabee are laughable. Not many Democrats have shown interest this early. I sure hope they’re not conceding to Clinton. As an Independent, I just someone who will finally get back to representing the people instead of corporate America and the uber rich.

  2. We don’t need another Clinton in the WH. We don’t need another Bush in the WH. We need new fresh ideas at this time in hour history and neither of these people will bring any. Basically they are both the same. Bush is a RINO and Clinton is a progressive that is as bad as our current liar in chef. The Dems are screaming because they want Hillary. As the article says all you need to do is pull back the curtain and see what the Clinton’s are. Yea, don’t forget Hillary said they were broke when the left the WH but yet managed to buy a hell of a house in NY where she ran for the Senate and won. Hasn’t this country had enough of political liars yet?? Guess not. Free stuff really matters doesn’t it.

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