Arizona Senate to consider Common Core replacement bill

The Arizona Senate Education Committee will consider HB2190, Rep. Mark Finchem’s bill to repeal and replace the unpopular Common Core standards. The Arizona House passed the bill last week.

School teachers Rep. Chris Ackerly said when he cast his vote in favor of the bill, “It is time for Arizona to back away from Common Core.”

On Tuesday, Ackerly’s HB2246, which allows parents to opt-out their children from the high stakes Common Core testing, passed out of the House as well.

As Rep. Finchem noted in a recent op-ed, “In addition to the Constitutional insults and violations of Federal statutes that come with Common Core, we now find we are forced to use a copyrighted product that does not allow for a collaborative amendment process. What does that mean? For example, the Navajo Nation cannot adopt additional standards that reflect their cultural values, a local school system in southern Arizona that wants to amend math standards to an age appropriate level cannot or they would violate the copyright.”

Brad McQueen, an Arizona teacher and author of the popular book The Cult of Common Core, said after the vote, “I’ve been getting messages from around the country. This was a huge win for the anti-Common Core grassroots movement in Arizona and across the country as we are all are fighting the same Common Core beast that has been inflicted upon all of us.”

Rep. Finchem explained the opposition to Common Core in a video released on Wednesday:

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