5th grader tells Arizona senators how bad Common Core is

Sen. Kelli Ward, Chair of the Arizona Senate Education Committee, welcomed 5th grader, Aaron Bencomo, as he took to the podium to address the panel in favor of HB2190 (repeal & replace Common Core). Ward, and her fellow panelists were visibly pleased to see a young person participate in the policy making process.

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Before he spoke, Ward gently stopped him and enthusiastically said, “Wait, wait, wait, I’ve got to ask, the last young person who testified, I asked them if they wanted me to take their picture so I could send it to them, do you want me to take your picture testifying? Not everyone is as brave as you to come up there and stand….. I love to see really young people here testifying on things that are affecting you.”

Aaron smiled for the camera while all of the panelists and Senate staff smiled at him.

The light hearted moment lasted only a moment as Aaron began his speech:

“This is why I am so convinced that Common Core is so wrong. This young man, barely able to see over the podium, spoke from his heart as a witness to what the Common Core is doing. He is the person who should be able to expand his creativity and he offered an example of what we risk losing under Common Core,” said bill sponsor Rep. Mark Finchem.

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