DM Commander implicated in “Operation Destroy CAS”

The Straus Military Reform Project and the Center for Defense Information dropped a bomb on United State Air Force officials today in a report that revealed, in detail, USAF efforts to deceive officials and the public about the A-10. Now, the Commander of the 355th Fighter Wing, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Col. James P. Meger has been implicated in the controversial campaign against the A-10.

Dubbed “Operation Destroy CAS,” the campaign against the USAF role in providing Close Air Support, has sparked Congressional hearings and calls for an Inspector General investigation and resignations of top USA brass.

According to the Straus Military Reform Project’s article, Running for Cover: A Sham Air Force Summit Can’t Fix the Close Air Support Gap Created by Dumping the A-10, Meger, delivered a “sanitized presentation to the Air Force Chief of Staff,” which failed to mention “the 10- to 12-year estimated capability gap” should the a-10 be mothballed, “nor was there any mention whatsoever of the need to maintain legacy aircraft—such as the A-10 or less capable alternatives like the F-16 or F-15E—until the F-35A reached FOC.”

Just yesterday, General Welsh visited Davis Monthan for the first time since gaining control of the USAF. Welsh refused to meet with reporters and according to sources, sized the base up for BRAC purposes.

Should the USAF succeed in Operation Destroy CAS, DM will likely be BRACed.

The idea that the very officer, who is supposed to be protecting the base and its mission, would scrub the benefits of that mission from the record has sent a chill across the very warm southern Arizona community. Operatives have been working to end any effort to save the A-10 claiming that concerns about the mission and the base were off-base.

Southern Arizonans first learned of a threat to the A-10 on a hot summer afternoon in August 2013. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake inadvertently revealed on the popular James T. Harris radio show that that the Air Force had planned to phase out the A-10, which would result in an estimated loss of 6,000 jobs.

Southern Arizona would suffer a $1.6 billion hit to its economy.

Flake told Harris’ audience that the plans to eliminate the A-10 and the KC-10, an air refueling tanker and cargo aircraft, have been in the works for a while. Flake has passed up opportunities to fight for new missions for the base, and his operatives have blocked efforts by the public to do so.

Earlier this month, the ADI reported on the Close Air Support (CAS) Summit propaganda campaign waged to justify divestment of the A-10C ahead of the tough budget decisions as part of the FY16 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

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  1. Yes, I think now is a great time for the BOS to put us into another $650,000,000 debt. Who in their right mind would even consider something like this bond at a time when we’re not ever sure if DM will be around. Who sits on the BAC? They must all have a little piece of the pie. Maybe we need to draw names out of the phone book determine who sits on these boards instead of political cronies. What a thought. Expose the government cronies on the board and what they are getting out of this pile of $*!T.

    • Imagine the fall in property values when DM closes. And Chuck Huckelberry wants to create more debt for what will be a smaller population in the not so distant future. This town is on the fast tract to Detroit.

  2. Soon, the 70’s no-growthers (who are now the marxist leaders of Pima County and Tucson) goals will be realized. DM will be gone.

    And then DM can be transformed into a radical jihadist center, populated by Grijalvalista illegals and friends of Bill Ayers. Tucson will not only be known for Occupiers defecating on the streets in downtown, but the center of home grown terrorism dedicated to the destruction of anything built by the evil white American male. Perhaps the new leader of the Tucson Islamic Center, the former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, can lead the jihad.

    Viva Meheeecooo! Viva Aztlan! Viva Grijalvalistas!

  3. I say dust off the dies and plans and built more A-10’s with updated guts and forget that turd of a F35

  4. the F 35 a piece of crap…. an obsolete piece of crap – an overpriced not operational piece of crap – with half the parts missing and the other half not tested or available with others like the software still 4 to 5 years behind… its a good as the Obamcare insurance software program – not a good feeling for a billions dollar airplane that has no place to go.

  5. Gee, not meeting with the press, who would have thought that. Might have to answer too many pesky questions such as how many missions has the A10 flown in Iraq YTD. The AF wants to dump CAS so bad they will lie and do anything else that is necessary to keep their mission to fly pretty new jets that aren’t even anywhere close to operational. Matter of fact there was a article about the F35 in the WSJ today and said that Lockheed would most likely loose 300 million in bonus payments because of the issues with the plane. But it also went on to say that the Marines were going to accept delivery of their first order of F35B’s this summer but Lockheed is still having trouble with the computer software to allow the plane to utilize the full armament that it carries. Lockheed said also, not to worry, the temporary patches we put in the programs will work. Yea, makes me feel real good if I am a pilot. What a piece of crap the F35 has turned into and the AF is betting the lives of many more good soldiers on the success of the shiny new bird that isn’t fully operational and who knows when that will be. But screw them, we need the money and personnel from the A10 to man our shiny new planes with botched software. And what a screwing the taxpayer is taking and congress continues to do nothing about it. Good Bye, DM and welcome to the real Baja, AZ in the future.

  6. SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, another CHICKEN COLONEL trying to suck up for promotion points. Typical of these guys they forget where they came from and who they represent. I had the same issues with field grades in the army. forgot they were ever lower ranking and they KNEW IT ALL! Many in high profile units like the 82d were willing to walk over all in order to get promotions and as a result many lunior officers and enlisted nco’s WALKED creating a leadership gap.

    Same appears to be true here, NO LEADERSHIP, just SUCK UP for promotions, which if they were any good to begin with they would probably get, but suck up iterations they hope will ensure they do.

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