Ducey defies “collaborative” claim, vetoes bills

On Monday, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey demonstrated with vetoes that the collaboration he sought with the Legislature means only that they collaborate with him. Ducey vetoed bills that would require police departments to keep private the names of officers involved in shootings, and prevent police departments to have ticket quotas.

Sen. Steve Smith had hoped SB1445 would give authorities time to investigate the shooting and provide the officer’s name only after the facts of the shooting had been determined.

Ducey’s veto of HB2410, which was sponsored by Rep. David Stevens, after it was revealed that the Tucson Police Department, in search of revenue, demanded officers write one ticket a week.

While SB1445 had opponents on both sides of the political aisle, HB2410 was only opposed by municipalities, like Tucson that have revenue problems.

The ACLU in Arizona encouraged their members to thank Ducey “for listening to the concerns of the public, “which would have concealed the identities of police officers who injure (sic) or kill members of the public.”


  1. Yes this guy has taken a Sh– in his messkit, and yes there is a lot ov voter remorse. Only problem is what else was there to vote for? The r’s offered little less and the d’s nothing at all!

  2. I think protecting an officers identity while the normal investigation is completed is a logical and sound idea. The proposed law didn’t say permanently. This one was a no brainer as was the quota system resolution. If it doesn’t benefit his special interests, he clearly just isn’t smart enough to know what the right thing to do is. I’m with you jdfast on the voter’s remorse. I won’t make that mistake again.

  3. My vote was also wasted. Not only do we have a lying tyrant in DC, but now we have our very own here in Arizona. Where is the recall king, John Kromko, when we really need him?

  4. I can say with all sincerity now that I wasted a vote for Ducey. He lied about his stand on common core and now has demonstrated that he does not give a damn about police officers or the taxpayer. Are you kidding me and he is the governor of the state and has just started to screw us. What’s next Doug, a tax increase to pay your common core buddies? Wonder how all the police officers in AZ feel today after our governor threw them under the bus.

    • It’s called we (Republicans) ended up with the wrong person after the primary. (Not only for the Governorship.)

      Look to the next primary for change to the better. Don’t look to the next general to change it to the worse.

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