Worsley’s crew wreaks havoc on education, gun rights

The Senate rejected HB2190 (Common Core; replacement) in COW on a 13-16 vote. Rouge Republicans Driggs, Pierce and Worsley not only voted against the Common Core bill along with Dems who were present, but shot down House Bill 2320. HB2320 was defeated today in Senate COW.

Driggs, Pierce and Worsley voted against HB2320 on a roll call vote. Pro-gun Democrat McGuire was absent, leaving a 14-15 vote against the measure that would allow guns in public buildings, except those where it’s prohibited by federal law, which was a floor amendment sponsored by Kavanagh. Kavanagh pleaded with fellow lawmakers to vote for the bill. He explained it would allow “honest, decent people” to protect themselves in the event a gunman opened fire in a public building. Such a gunman, Kavanagh emphasized would ignore signs declaring guns-not-allowed in a building.

Over in the House debate was scheduled on a number of high-profile bills today, but they retained all of them on the calendar: SB1339 (public records; unduly burdensome requests), which contains a striker reviving the “ballot harvesting” ban. SB1237 (electronic driver license; ADOT authority), which has a striker that would limit Clean Elections ability to enforce campaign finance violations against non-participating candidates. Also retained was SB1141 (corporations; purposes; omnibus), S1469 (pupils; restraint; seclusion; requirements) and S1467 (law enforcement officer rights).

The legislature has a lot of work to do this week if they hope to finish on time. If they do finish on time it would effectively give them the raise voters rejected last year.

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