Dupnik Surprised With Retirement Roast

Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry at Sheriff Dupnik's retirement ceremony [paid for with RICO funds]

He has been retired unofficially for what seems an eternity, but on Friday, an audience of roughly 400 gathered at the Westin La Paloma Resort to surprise Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik. At the conclusion of the surprise roast, Dupnik finally made his retirement official.

According to Dupnik, he will leave office effective July 31, 2015. Because Dupnik has made it appear that he has served more than half of this term, the Pima County Board of Supervisors will appoint his replacement. Arizona statute requires the Board to choose a member of the same party as the retiring sheriff. It is expected that Chris Nanos, who has actually run the Department for at least the last year, will continue in that role until appointed to the position by the Board.

Tucson City Councilman Steve Kozachik and the Arizona Daily Star’s cartoonist David Fitzsimmons spearheaded the event.

Dupnik, who has held the residents of Pima County in general contempt for the past few years, has been employed by them for over 57 years.

Dupnik was “roasted” by a crew of locals:

* David Fitzsimmons (Cartoonist)
* U.S. Senator (ret.) Dennis DeConcini
* Mike Taibbi (retired NBC News Journalist)
* Lupita Murillo (KVOA News Reporter)
* Barbara LaWall (Pima County Attorney)
* Chuck Huckelberry (Pima County Administrator)
* Dr. Richard Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS (17th Surgeon General of the United States)

The Sheriff, like the former Senator DeConcini, spends much of his time in San Diego, California.

The Arizona Daily Independent filed a FOIA request for Dupnik’s calendar and emails in early May. As of June 16, an employee responded that they are “hoping to have your request done in about a week, but it might take a bit longer.”

Earlier this week, Pima County Sheriff deputies came before the Board of Supervisors to inform them of the fact that they have not seen an increase in pay for years. As a result, some of the deputies and their families qualify for public assistance.


  1. Not being a Christian, I can’t hope for him to be roasted at the temperature he’s earned…

    But, I can always hope that, with his usefulness to the Mexican drug lords and slave runners ended, he won’t have their protection any longer. Being in California, maybe he’ll get killed for the water in his swimming pool.

  2. There comes a point where service to constituents ceases, that’s when you leave office. The lack of service for the last four years is shameful and not what the taxpayers deserve. But then, it goes hand in hand with the performance of the Pima County Board of Supervisors and the the Pima County Administrator. Sweeping change is needed in Pima county government from the BOS to the Sheriiff Office to the County Prosecutor.

  3. Thanks for most of the years you served Pima County. Am trying to forgive and forget your actions 4 years ago immediately after the shooting deaths of several at my local Safeway by a severely mentally ill Loughner. You blew it and missed the opportunity to be a true leader to crushed and grieving southern Arizonans.

  4. Dupnik is responsible for standing up for his Deputies during budget negotiations. He has been absent from that position for decades. He is a disgrace to the department and hopefully no one will vote for his hand selected sycophant Nanos. No more democrats in any elected position.

  5. Joe thats not really true and you know it. I had a good experience with one of the deputies last weekend up on I10. Guy had only been there 3 years. Now if you were talking about tpd thats another story.

    Anyhow the guys that have not been inbreed for years are still pretty good, its the ones that think they are ‘owed’ for being a deputy or tpd thats another story. Tpd can be seen regularly ignoring traffic laws that the rest of us MUST follow, but not the cops. Speed limits, no turn signs the list goes on and supposedly the best leave with the not quit so good left behind.

    But they do keep the idiots somewhat in line even if they dont toe the line themselves.

  6. Bye bye jackass good riddance. I hope you washed the blood of the Marine you Nazi pukes murdered. The PCSO is nothing but a group of jack booted goose stepping Nazis, pigs all of them playing with the taxpayer extorted equipment like drunk teenagers.

  7. Cronies passing on the power and money to one of the good ole boys. Maybe some of you recall just a few short months ago I was at BOS meeting and brought his ( dupnick ) pending retirement to the diacussion table.

    Anyone know what happen? Yes you guessed it nothing. They ignore me and anyone who speaks at BOS meeting unless your one of the boys. Nanos plays golf with Ray Carroll regularly. The amount of kissing the behind of the BOS has been on going. Guess that why they wont listen to me I will NOT do it.

    ARS clearly states that Sheriff is ELECTED not appointed. Historically as many of you know once your a incumbent you have better odds on keeping that office. Manos give him credit knows how to brown nose. I for one take the position that I and rest of pima county electoate should appoint new Sheriff.

    Make you voice heard ( even if Chuck and stooges ignore you ) call them, text, tweet, email, snap ete ete

    WE the PPL SELECT our Top cop, the SHERIFF of Pima County. Then get out and vote.

  8. Surprised, are you kidding me? It was 110 degrees in Tucson yesterday. He had to know something was up for him to leave San Diego to come to Tucson in late June as the thermostats explode.

  9. All ya had to do was list the party givers and see that they are the worst of the worst of the lib/dems in this area. They care little for anyone else except themselves, just wonder if this little fete was paid for by the county since so many admins were there it must have been a business meeting!

  10. The heartwrenching video of the sheriff’s deputies speaking at the Board of Supervisors is on Facebook (along with other videos from that meeting)at Supervisor Ally Miller, Pima County District 1. Those other Supervisors couldn’t even show the respect of looking these deputies in the eye as they spoke. Why was Dupnik allowed to hold step raises from them while collecting his own salary yet never coming to work? What a disgrace!

  11. Its really a shame that he wasn’t voted out for incompetence much earlier but then this is Baja, AZ where never a liberal isn’t loved especially when he calls gun owners names and during the shootings at Safeway he could not find a camera or reporter that he didn’t love to spew his bile. He should have been removed from office than but who would love the ILLEGALS?? I have found it very strange that in Pinal County they actually catch human smugglers and drug runners. I thought that Pinal County is north of Pima County and that to reach Pinal County they had to go through Pima county but I guess not. Guess they flew over it. Hopefully we will have a real sheriff but I really doubt it because of all of the liberals and the county policy of giving water to illegals as they cross the border and invade our country. Once across the border Obama helps them get “papers” so what is the use…..

    • JD, clearly Dupnik picked his boy Nanos over a year ago to follow him. Unless the voters vote for a change we are in for a long haul of more of the same. It sure is strange tha they discover so many smugglers (drug & human) in Pinal county.

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