Colorado City Water Works Ordered to Pay Back Taxes

Twin City Water Work, Inc., a Utah non-profit corporation that does business in Colorado City, Arizona, recently plead guilty to a class 6 undesignated Felony of Attempted Knowing Failure to File Tax with the Intent to Evade in the Superior Court of Arizona. As a result of the June 10, 2015 plea, the company will pay $390,683 in back taxes and penalties and will be placed on three years of probation.

The court document lists Twin City Water Work’s individual officers, directors and high managerial officials as: Alvin Barlow, Vance Barlow, Scott Jessop, Joseph Allred, Richard Allred, Terrance Barlow, Rich Barlow, Nathan Barlow, James Zitting, Nap Jessop, Sylmar Barlow and Lucas Barlow.

$20,000 in fines will go to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office anti-racketeering fund, and $370,683.16 in restitution will go to the Department of Revenue to pay for the company’s Arizona corporate tax liability and interest for the tax year ending 1996 to the tax year ending in 2013.

Twin City Water acknowledged evading taxes in Arizona and will be required to submit proof of yearly federal and state tax filings, returns and reporting documents for future monitoring.

In March 2014, then Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne won a $5.2 million verdict against five defendants who discriminated against Ron and Jinjer Cooke on the basis of their religion. The defendants were: Town of Colorado City, AZ; City of Hildale, UT; Hildale-Colorado City Utilities; Twin City Water Authority, and Twin City Power.

Colorado City is where young girls are kept in polygamous marriages by older men, and boys are kicked out of town so the older men will not have competition.

“The defendants denied the Cookes water, sewer and electric service based on religion,” stated Attorney General Horne at the time. “The Cookes have been without city water service for over five years. The jury also found that the defendants intimidated and interfered with the Cookes’ housing rights. The discrimination was because the Cookes are not members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, headed by Warren Jeffs. Jeffs is serving a life sentence plus 20 years in a Texas prison.”

The jury also found that the defendants violated the Arizona Fair Housing Act by engaging in a pattern or practice of discrimination against the Cookes and other non FLDS residents.

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