Former Head Of Ferguson Schools Invited To TUSD

Registration is now available for the TUSD inaugural African American Parent Conference. Guest speakers include Dr. Art McCoy, former Superintendent of Ferguson, MO, as well as Dr. Patricia Phipps, Executive Vice President and Chief Program Officer of the California Association for the Education of Young Children.

In 2010, Dr. McCoy became the first African-American school superintendent of the Ferguson-Florissant School District, according to Democracy Now’s article entitled Institutional Racism in Ferguson? First Black School Chief Speaks Out After Forced Resignation.

At the time, Fox News Now reported that after almost three years, McCoy was suspended as a result of questions about 2012 attendance data submitted to the state. The NAACP threatened to file a Title Six complaint against the district because Dr. McCoy was put on leave by a nearly all-Caucasian board, according to

The TUSD press release did not say what topics would be covered by Dr. McCoy.

In the Salon article White power won’t give in — and that’s why there will be more Fergusons, Paul Rosenberg implies that it was McCoy’s firing that increased tensions in Ferguson before the riots this past year:

Ferguson had, instead, recently seen two highly visible African-American public officials lose their jobs. Two weeks before Brown was shot, Charles Dooley, an African-American who has served as St. Louis County Executive for a decade, lost a bitter primary election to Steve Stenger, a white county councilman, in a race that, whatever the merits of the candidates, was seen as racially divisive. Stenger lobbed allegations of financial mismanagement and incompetence, and worse. Bob McCulloch, the county prosecutor appeared in an ad for Stenger, associating Dooley with corruption; McCulloch would also be responsible for determining whether to charge Darren Wilson. In December, the largely white Ferguson-Florissant school board fired Art McCoy, the superintendent, who is African-American. As reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, McCoy’s firing was as shrouded in secrecy as Michael Brown’s killing.

Although many tried to frame the issues surrounding McCoy’s departure as racially motivated, the school board voted unanimously to replace McCoy with Dr. Joseph Davis.

Dr. McCoy is a Harvard graduate and currently serves as Chief Academic Officer and Superintendent-In-Residence at The MIND Research Institute, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The conference will take place on Saturday, August 8, at the Double Tree by Hilton – Reid Park beginning at 8:00 a.m. There is no fee to attend but you must pre-register.

Tucson Community Partners and TUSD’s superintendent and his “leadership team” will also be present at this event, according to the press release.

Participants will also receive parent/guardian “tool kits” to take home.


  1. When you connect the dots you can see that the public schools have become the “establisher” of government religion.

    Much like socialists stole Christian charity.

    Satan unmasked.

  2. It is more than clear that TUSD can’t afford to do this , but just like with the superintendent and his cabinet got raises and bonus’s the board majority and leadership doesn’t care. As long as they get what they want , who cares if the kids and teachers go without. This kind of racial segregation continues in TUSD , it only promotes hate, its time for this to stop. Maybe we should organize a protest of this conference , not racial, but a protest of the wasteful spending of a failed superintendent , and district, and a majority that has promoted racial segregation and hatred. There is no reason for this conference , TUSD’s job is to educate children , not to promote social, political issues . If this upsets you , along with the long list of illegal , immoral decisions TUSD and the board majority have made , join our recall, contact me at .

  3. Are whites included in that recall Richard. This conference sounds like one loser teaching another loser how to game the system better. Baltimore spends 3rd to the highest cost per pupil in the country. They must teach them the same victimhood garbage that TUSD is spouting. I must admit they do a much better job of rioting and ripping apart their town than the MAS group does. I’m feeling like things are going to be getting worse.

  4. Wow TUSD. I shared sometime back as some may recall, that it will only get worse.

    I say again I will help you folks in TUSD do a recall. Are you done complaining ?

    Stans up all of you who rain on them yet do nothing but provide lip service. Start a committee get your friends, class mates, church, neighbors, social groups, parents, lgbt, Hispanics, African Americans because SI se PUeDE! Recall Adelita , Crystal , Cammy and let us get back to business of Education.

  5. This funding would be better spent in the classroom. Less networking and more educating the students.

  6. if the ADI hasn’t noticed – the stock market is dropping like a rock – Greece is about to fail – the house of cards may be on fire – banks are??? think it can’t come here – as they say – never waste a crisis – the lessons of this have been learned well – let the games begin.

    • I noticed. The saying, “God will not be mocked,” came to my mind. It’s only a matter of time for the falling financial dominoes to hit here in the US.

      • Yup and please add Puerto Rico to your short list. The day or reckoning is coming very soon. Lock and load. It might get real ugly out there.

        • Additionally food prices are skyrocketing, let the stock piling begin. Rice,beans,flour,sugar are essential. I also hit all sale items like catsup,mayo,pasta and yeast. Milk which can also be frozen for about 3 to 6 mos. Whatever your family eats.
          Get them all on sale.

  7. Nice addition to the Grijalvalistas.

    Radical chicano separatists, card carrying communists, bona fide socialists, a domestic terrorist, a documented liar and bigot (H.T. Sanchez) pulling down $450k out of your pockets and now someone fired for allowing access access to internal IT systems including personal information and accusations of fudging the attendance numbers. All focused on filling the seats paid by Tucson taxpayers with illegals from Mexico. Parents, don’t send your kids to TUSD unless this is the future you want for them.

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