These Colors Never Run

flag half staff

My Daddy was solider, he died in Vietnam,
Fighting for the freedom of that foreign land
He loved his wife and family, but his flag was number one
He always taught me that
These Colors Never Run

The Red, White and Blue remind me of you
You’re never far away when I see a flag wave
You always said that freedom was a battle that is never won
But don’t give up a trying
The Colors Never Run

My Grandpa was hero, the Army told us so
He gave his life for freedom in Korea long ago
He saved the lives of many, but gave his only one
He always taught my dad
These Colors Never Run

Now like the men before me, I have to do my part
Fighting for the country
I love with all my heart
The flag’s still waving proudly, but the war has just begun
It’s Stars and Stripes forever
These Colors Never Run

About Rob Larson 7 Articles
Rob Larson is a southern Arizona businessman, who is also an expert on firearm safety. He is the director of the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club.


  1. Agree with above comments wholeheartedly. But, i believe the poem is addressing the bravery, strength and courage of our troops. Those who without these suicidal rules of engagement, poisonous political correctness are the best in the world and unbeatable. Our so-called leader bowing to our enemies as he forgets and doesn’t care that he represents our past and present sacrifices. I think we all would agree that if let free to do so, our military would meet our enemies face on and bring hell with them. Johnson ran during Viet Nam and cost that war. A “we are no better then anyone else” agenda is holding us back now. Obviously 50% of us don’t get that overwhelming the enemy to shorten wars saves lives. Now it’s called being “hawkish”. I think they should try envisioning our American Eagle instead. God Bless our troops and our warrior leaders who have been purged from our military.

  2. It was a TIE in the Korean police action, and it did run in Viet Nam, Somalia and has in the Middle East police actions. We need a government that will put the “Fear” back into those that would even think about fighting our military might. ISIS is a plague on our planet and carry a disease, like fleas, that can destroy everything unless stopped. We need a president and Congress that will fight this plague by killing every last FLEA to be found. We need a war of ERADICATION to stop this plague with the “Rules of Engagement” being “NONE”.

  3. Under our current administration they do. All I need to think about is the middle east, the Iran nuke deal which will pass congress even thought it stinks to high heaven, Cuba and the treatment of our only ally in region Israel. Yea, these colors do run by executive order and policy. Obama has to be so proud that he has fundamentally changed this country and allowed the minorities run the country, the welfare state to grow and this country is as divided now as it has ever been all courtesy of the Change Artist who you sheep thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well you found out didn’t you just how open and honest this administration is.

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