These Colors Never Run

flag half staff

My Daddy was solider, he died in Vietnam,
Fighting for the freedom of that foreign land
He loved his wife and family, but his flag was number one
He always taught me that
These Colors Never Run

The Red, White and Blue remind me of you
You’re never far away when I see a flag wave
You always said that freedom was a battle that is never won
But don’t give up a trying
The Colors Never Run

My Grandpa was hero, the Army told us so
He gave his life for freedom in Korea long ago
He saved the lives of many, but gave his only one
He always taught my dad
These Colors Never Run

Now like the men before me, I have to do my part
Fighting for the country
I love with all my heart
The flag’s still waving proudly, but the war has just begun
It’s Stars and Stripes forever
These Colors Never Run

About Rob Larson 7 Articles
Rob Larson is a southern Arizona businessman, who is also an expert on firearm safety. He is the director of the Tucson Trap and Skeet Club.