Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Pima County Lawsuit, Huckelberry Demands Tax Increase

The Arizona Supreme Court has rejected Pima County’s request for a Special Action against the State of Arizona. The Court was silent on the merits when it declined to take jurisdiction, but ordered the County to pay the costs of the lawsuit.

Supervisor Ally Miller was the lone “no” vote last month when County Administrator asked the Board of Supervisors to support his lawsuit scheme.

As the Arizona Daily Independent reported earlier, because the County has been unwilling to live within its means for years, Pima County filed suit in June asking the Court to order the State to continue to pick up the tab for its recklessness.

The Pima County administrator is unhappy that the 35-year-old constitutional amendment caps counties’ property taxes at 1 percent.

Previously, the state backfilled money when the cap was ignored. With the state facing financial issues, it is now only able to pay up to $1 million per county in additional state aid.

Supervisor Miller said after the decision, “I think it’s very unfortunate Pima County decided to file a lawsuit against the State. It would have been more productive had we worked to come to a resolution that did not involve litigation. Now taxpayers are faced with paying for outside counsel the County hired for this case as well as the legal fees incurred by the State.”

Undaunted, Chuck Huckelberry has instructed attorneys to proceed with the suit in Maricopa County Superior Court. In a memo delivered just hours after the decision, Huckelberry wrote, “… the County will now be required to adopt the new tax rate approved at the Final Budget Hearing, which includes an increase in the tax levy….”

Already Pima County residents pay some – if not the highest- tax rates in the State.

Marla Closen, who has entered the Republican Primary against Supervisor Ray Carroll said on Thursday, “It is unfortunate for all of us that the County Board of Supervisors decided in a 4-1 vote to sue the State: All because the County is incapable of controlling decades of taxing and spending. As a result of losing this frivolous lawsuit, the County now has to pay the court costs. Who pays yet again? The Pima County taxpayers.”

“I am pleased to see that the Court chose not to intervene in an issue the taxpayers spoke so clearly on in 1980. Pima County’s recalcitrance over taxation is the reason we need a total replacement of leadership. Except for Supervisor Miller the entire cadre refuses to reduce spending and live within the taxpayers’ means; it’s a toxic, co-dependent mix of tax and spend,” stated Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem.

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  1. I am retired and live on a fixed income. The county raised my property tax $100.00 a month on my house, where do you get that extra money from? I have yet to come up with one thing I get for my $3600.00 a year tax on my home. My tax and insurance comes in at $415.00 a month plus $856.00
    interest, $650.00 principal. I think we need to stop property tax on your primary home after age 65.

  2. The high taxes are needed to support those high salaries of retired sheriff employees who have returned with six figure incomes as civilians. Who do you think pays for that croynism at the sheriffs department, it’s the property tax. Heaney,Gagnepain, Kastigar and all the others who have made up jobs or jobs that should be a career path for civilians employees at the department. Oh yea, don’t forget about the $82000 a year secretary there too. All on the backs of the property tax that is paid by all of us and at the expense of the employees. Not to mention how this all takes away from what has strived to be a professional department. Too bad greed is more important than the reputation of the organization.

  3. Well if we can’t get rid of the Huckster or the Mafia then let’s do the next best thing. Take the power of taxation out of their hands and get it on the ballot that ALL county tax increases must be voted on by the residents of Pima County. This would mean that the county would no longer be able to raise property taxes or even sales taxes without the approval of the electorate. That would definitely get the Bozo’s of Stupervisors attention

  4. The Huckster and the Mafia ( Carroll, Elias, Bronson and Valadez) will now have to find another way to steal from the ppl.

    The problem in pima county as you may recall I said was ( pointing at them ) is BOS not pima County.

    Vote no on bonds! Vote for Marla in primary in 2016. Vote for apponent to Ramon Valadez in 2016.

    Pima need a whole new fresh board. It will take a decade to undue all the poor decisions made. Be patient the storm is coming. Let’s move to a place where the BOS , is no longer about the good ile boys and special interest.

  5. The Pima County Libertarian Party opposed this lawsuit and I routinely speak against the wastefulness of Pima County when they publicly meet. This Board of Stupidvisors has given the people of Pima County the highest property tax rate in Arizona and amongst the highest in America. This tax load is laid on only about 10% of Pima County and they continue to overspend to remove taxable lands from the tax rolls. Pima County is among the poorest in America and these tax rates do nothing to help.

    Christopher Cole, First Vice-Chair Pima County Libertarian Party

  6. I’d like to know how much Huckelberry spends on HIS office of attorney’s. His solutions to a problems are lawsuits or raise taxes/dues. That’s all he knows. He’s really smart at covering his tracks and kissing butts. He knows where the $$ is and who gets it. He will never leave until Ray Carroll, Brunson, Valdaz, & Elias are removed. Give Ally 2 votes on her side and things will rapidly change. These 4 Chuck sycophants have lived off the taxpayer long enough. Marla vs. Ray. Get out and help her folks. He is the dirtiest politician around. He’ll try to ruin her & her family with lies and intimidation. That’s how Ray rolls. Send Chuck into his lavish retirement that we will pay forever. Disgusting.

    • He’d be wise to lay off of any intimidation. Marla is a Vet and we Vets close ranks quickly when you attack one of our own. His district is loaded with retired Veterans and he never served a day in the military.

  7. Why do we still tolerate this Chuck “the Huckster ” Hucklberry? Everything he does is anti-taxpayer, always in our worst interests and no one does anything about it. With people like this in charge it’s no wonder Pima county is corrupt and the laughing stock of the state. What are the skeletons in his closet? I’d like to know why he’s such a jerk.

    • Your question leaves many of us at a loss for words. A fair question asked everyday. Possibly kick backs, power trip, arrogance and mostly in my opinion it’s simply because he can get away with it. Without term limits we have brought this on ourselves. Seems the EPA has been given free reign to steal our property and Pima County and COT spend our money like a gift card at Walmart.

  8. Gee, I am really surprised that the county lost, NOT. How much taxpayer money did the law firm get to be part of the losing appeal?? Wonder why that isn’t in the article. SSDD here in Pima county, the cesspool of Baja, AZ.

  9. Probably the poorest county in Arizona and the most mis-managed. Why do the voters let this continue. How many failed road maintenance projects, more open land purchases, over paid civil sservant employees, more funding of sports dreams(that no on wants to pay a ticket for), mis-spending of gas tax monies, over budget bond projects and some bond projects are a decade or more over due to even get started.

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