Phoenix Man Indicted For Smuggling Counterfeit Pet Products

An indictment was recently unsealed charging four men, including Allen Smith, 49, of Phoenix, with various offenses based on their roles in smuggling pet products with counterfeit labels into the United States.

Smith, Iain Nigel MacKellar, 58, of England; Lam Ngoc Tran, aka Mark Tran, 40, of Fountain Valley, California; and William Humphreys, 58, of Laguna Hills, California, were indicted on July 9, 2015. They are charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud and trafficking in counterfeit labels, and smuggling goods into the United States. Mackellar and Tran also are charged with additional counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, trafficking in counterfeit labels and smuggling. The defendants were suspected members of one of the largest known groups of importers of counterfeit packaged pet products.

The indictment alleges the defendants smuggled veterinary products that were not manufactured for the U.S. market into the United States for distribution under false labels, including Frontline and Frontline Plus pesticides manufactured by Merial Pharmaceutical Company (Merial). In some cases, the defendants allegedly imported the products into the U.S. under the pretense that the products were destined for use by charitable organizations, but instead distributed the products to large retail outlets for commercial sale, according to the indictment.

Merial did not participate in or authorize the alleged unlawful conduct. All known counterfeit veterinary products have been removed from store shelves.

The charges contained in an indictment are merely accusations, and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

This case is being investigated by the FDA-OCI, HSI and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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