Center For Biological Diversity “Nothing More Than A Litigation Machine”

Ravages of wildfires due to poor management

In response to the Center for Biological Diversity recent statement that “Nor are goshawks or great horned owls a threat to Mexican spotted owls”

Research has shown that there is considerable spotted owl deprivation by other birds of prey across the country, and Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) officials have confirmed that here in Arizona, Mexican Spotted Owl (MSO) predators include great horned owls, red tail hawks and goshawks. The Center for Biological Diversity has simply not provided any evidence to the contrary, that for some strange, unaccountable reason, these birds of prey are leaving the MSO alone here in Arizona.

In response to the Center for Biological Diversity recent statement that the “Center didn’t Sue over any timber sale in the San Juan Fire area. That ‘fact’ was also made up.”

Senior level U.S. Forest Officials stated that actions taken by the Center for Biological Diversity were instrumental in stopping the NEPA-approved forest thinning operations in Eastern Arizona, that later accounted for the 7,000 acres of burned forest during the 2014 San Juan fire. Perhaps they did not “sue,” but their actions directly contributed to a huge, catastrophic wildfire that tragically harmed the ecosystem’s “biological diversity,” including the tragic deaths of all types of wildlife, and both threatened and endangered species. What does a wildfire-charred Mexican Spotted Owl smells like?

In response to the Center for Biological Diversity recent statement that “the Center knows the facts, and takes action.”

Contrary to the Center for Biological Diversity’s statements, they did not acknowledge or contest the fact that the MSO do much better and hunt more successfully in historically thinned, cleaned forest (i.e., 50 trees per acre) as opposed to dense, overgrown, unhealthy forests, as confirmed by AGFD officials. Nor did they acknowledge the fact that there are strict regulations already in place for restricting the times of the year when logging operations can take place, in order not to impact the MSO during their breeding season, as confirmed by AGFD officials. It has been reported that MSO have actually been located nesting inside barns and other outbuildings, so the presence of humans certainly does not appear to negatively impact the owls.

The MSO is not even a federally-listed endangered species, it is instead considered a species of special concern by AGFD, and a sensitive species by the U.S. Forest Service. It is unclear what the number of MSO is within the Flagstaff watershed thinning area. For example, the immense forested Camp Navajo, just 20 miles west of Flagstaff, is very similar to the Flagstaff watershed forest area in both elevation and the types of trees and forest density. In a 2000 survey, a few MSO detected by AGFD were assumed to be from the Volunteer Canyon area, and no nests or roosts were found within Camp Navajo. No MSO were detected during the 2002 or 2003 survey seasons. In 2008, two MSO were detected, one single male during early migration period and a single male was detected in the Volunteer Canyon Area, but there were no signs of nesting attempts.

In response to the Center for Biological Diversity recent statement that they “keep winning, and you all keep whining.

The reason why the Center for Biological Diversity arrogantly states that they “keep winning” is because they are nothing more than a litigation machine. Unlike admirable groups, such as the Nature Conservancy that are actually out in the field, working with the Forest Service, applying science and making an effort to improve forest health and biological diversity, the legal team (the “Suits”) of the Center for Biological Diversity sue the taxpayer-supported government agencies, small ranchers, family farmers and private businesses in order to win financial settlements and gain private contributions. At the end of the day and in contradiction to their very name, our ecosystems are not healthier or more “biologically-diverse” due to the Center for Biological Diversity. However, our citizens are financially harmed, their outdoor recreational opportunities are curtailed, and their personal health is compromised as our unhealthy forests burn, releasing vast amounts of harmful air and water pollution.


  1. In Dec. 2013, having nothing better to do, I clicked on the staff bio page on the CBD website and randomly read a few bios. I decided to burn some time tabulating CBD staff educational background (degree/field) and job function as I had heard that the organization was mostly lawyers with few scientists. Most of the staff did appear to be attorneys (41%), but a notable number had first gotten a science degree. My info is dated, but back in 2013, the education level was as follows:
    22% Attorney (Law degree only)
    19% Attorney w. science B.S. degree
    19% Science degree only
    38% Other backgrounds

    As for job descriptions, I lumped variable job titles, as needed, and came to the following conclusions about what CBD staff do:
    40% Legal, Attorney, Counsel, Paralegal
    22% Director, Campaign Director, Management
    19% Web, IT, Fundraising, Membership, Communications
    14% Organizer, Conservation Advocate
    5% Scientific, Researcher

    Yep…my compilation confirmed that most CBDers are lawyers, administrative support folks, and overseer/managers.

  2. Yes, Roger, they did. A jury found them culpable and assessed $100,000 in general damages and $500,000 in punitives. The Court of Appeals affirmed and the Arizona Supreme Court declined review. The case was Chilton v. CBD.

  3. They get paid by filing the lawsuits. Generally people settle and they make their money and go find another sucker.

  4. Didn’t they lose a defamation suit to a cattle rancher? Was there cash exchanged for their actions?

  5. Dear me, joohn, another insightful comment. I used the CBD once (against the pheds; semi-successfully). The CBD is a “sue and settle” outfit that will be eliminated.

  6. (continued) I forgot to mention that the C.B.D. is an ENVILEist TERRORIST CELL of the E.P.A. and should be banned as not being in the best interest of the people and OUR PUBLIC lands.

  7. The E.vil P.eople A.ssociation, being one of the largest Criminal, Terrorist Cell’s of the U.S. Federal Government, which IS the largest CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, TYRANNICAL Organizations on the planet, should have to have Laws/Statutes passed by the Congress, NOT Rules, on the Environment, and on how business’s operate, specifically saying what their TYRANNICAL power is over the people. Their ultimate goal is to ban the public and business’s from using PUBLIC LAND’S for pleasure and business development. At times, which are VERY FEW, they do good work, but in the long run they are ECOLOGICAL TERRORIST’S and need to be LIMITED in what they can do without the input of “we the people” and the Congress. An outright ban of this Cell eventually would lead to total destruction of OUR LANDS by large GREDY corporations so we do need it in certain instance’s.

  8. JD just wait a bit, steve will be here to throw the BS flag, and tell ya what a wonderful caring organization this bunch is. Like you I have not seen or heard of anything worthwhile from this organization, but they are getting richer at our expense.

  9. Yup, all you enviro wackos that support the fraud that is the CBD should be so proud of your organization. I have been here almost 20 years and I have seen nothing the that CBD has done for the betterment of the land, forests or animals. Their last big BS play was the Pigmy Owl fiasco that cost the taxpayer millions because there weren’t many here but thousands in Mexico and this wasn’t even their natural area. Yea for CBD another quack organization.

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