Superintendent Diane Douglas Recall Fails

Diane Douglas|Max Goshert

The Coalition to Recall Diane Douglas gathered “fewer than 10  percent of the signatures realistically needed to force an election,” reports Capitol Media Services.

The group had 90 days to circulate petitions and gather signatures.

The group needed to average the collection of over 3000 signatures a day. With less than 100,000 signatures in their possession, as of Tuesday, they would now have to collect approximately 10,000 signatures a day to meet their goal.

Douglas has ignored the recall effort, and plowed ahead to keep her promise to eliminate Common Core standards in Arizona. She won support for her effort when a majority of the State Board of Education voted 6-2 to sever Arizona’s ties to the Common Core standards in late October.

The recall effort, lead by American Red Cross employee, Max Goshert, began before Douglas was sworn into office. The effort began primarily from disgruntled supporters of her General Election opponent, David Garcia.


  1. @Devilsown – That would be an issue that the Miller board insists is their perview. I mean INSISTS! Douglas can tell them but little else. Which is but one the issues she has raised.
    Remember it was just this that started the whole shebang with the board and the firings.
    Your contact person would have been Christine Thompson who headed up investigative. You have a board problem not a Douglas problem. Something Douglas has been trying to tell you from day one. To date the B fo E Investigative Unit is some 4 years behind and at the last “emergency” save Miller’s face meeting, Douglas brought this to light. Consequently Charles Esau quit as head investigator – trust me he is the victim of Miller’s malfeasance. Charles Esau is a good man with some seven years or so of service in the IU unit. The Board can not do better. He is yet another victim
    of the malfunctioning Miller board.
    Call investigative and get on Miller’s yawn and wait list – you should hear something back in about 2020 or so.

  2. Until Diane Douglas contacts me as she promised during a personal meeting with me at a TUSD school, she will not have my support. Shame on her for ignoring the travesties & skullduggery that goes on in TUSD!

  3. AZ voters in all 15 counties worked together to elect Diane Douglas to office.

    AZ voters and parents continue to support SPI Douglas.

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