Ducey Dips Into Shallow Talent Pool, Pulls Out Tobin For ACC

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney with failed congressional candidate Andy Tobin.

Former Speaker of the House, and failed congressional candidate, Andy Tobin, has been tapped once again this year by Governor Doug Ducey to fill a spot, the one left by out-going Arizona Corporation Commissioner Susan Bitter Smith.

In this his first year in office, Ducey had just tapped Tobin to take over as director of the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions on Dec. 16. In October, Ducey tapped Tobin for the Arizona Department of Insurance.

“One would start to think that the talent pool in Arizona is shallow, but the truth is that we have a lot of talent, but Sean Noble and Kirk Adams will only pick from their pool,” said one Capitol insider. “There are very few people they approve of, and Ducey does what they tell him to do. And Andy will do anything they all tell him to do. He is a good ol’ boy who can look the other way when he needs to.”

While serving as Speaker of the House, Tobin had very little influence. He used his position to position cronies on boards and in key positions. After he failed to prevent the roll-out of Obamacare exchanges in Arizona, he returned to his mostly rural district to run for Congress. He barely squeaked out of the Republican Primary and ultimately lost to Ann Kirkpatrick.


  1. Huh

    One would think Dandy Andy Tobin has “pictures” of Doug Duchey the way he keeps moving up the ladder.

    Obviously he fixed the other agencies in a matter of months.

  2. Ducey is supposedly a businessman who never should have been elected to office, but be that as it may. When are people going to realize that you cannot run the government like a business through and through? Yes, some business practices can cross over into government if it is efficient and doesn’t effect the services of government. As for Tobin getting a job from Ducey, isn’t business all about who you know; or who you owe; or who you blow? It rarely has anything to do with qualifications.

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