The Wonderfulness Of A Two Party System

The Wonderfulness of a Two Party System

Republicans support “the flag of the United States of America and … the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Democrats support We-The-People, for whom the Republic was established just as the Declaration of Independence says.

Both political parties support the republic and the people.  Both political parties have good intentions.  Most members of both parties have good intentions, too, but there is a problem: all of us are fallible human beings.  We, you and I and the people who live way across the country, sometimes make mistakes. Sometimes you are just wrong-headed and sometimes I just get it into my thick skull that I deserve some of your stuff.  Problems arise.

If we, you and I and everyone else in the country, were not fallible we humans would have no need of governments.  Your person and your property and those you love would be safe from thieves and thugs.  As would mine and everyone else’s.  But we are fallible human beings who need protection from thieves and thugs.  Especially from thieves and thugs who say, perhaps with good intentions, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

The fallible human beings who argued and raged and fussed and fumed and finally drafted the US Constitution knew all that.  Maybe I could have drafted a Constitution that I like better and maybe you could have drafted one that you like better.  You probably would have been too stubborn to ratify my wonderful draft and too ignorant to see the flaws in your own stupid draft but neither you nor I were there, elected by our peers to draft a governmental rule book that would work for us all.

But the people who were there did the job about as well as any collection of folks could.  They even figured out that some things that were obvious to them should be specified in a Bill of Rights attached as Amendments; they knew that they had better make it possible for people, later on, to add Amendments; they were wise enough to make amending the Constitution difficult by requiring any amendment to be ratified by a majority of the states.

The Founders knew that throughout history whenever too much power fell into anyone’s hands the power was abused.  The checks and balances in the constitution are intended to prevent power from being accumulated in one place and used to harm We-The-People.

Republicans and Democrats alike find all those checks and balances vexing.  “We should help …” say helpful politicians with good intentions.  “And how will we pay for …” say politicians with an eye toward sustainability.  That is just what the Founders intended. Checks and balances are at the center of most political debates.  Vexing. Unavoidable.  That is the nature of fallible human beings living together in a society.

The Essence of a Political Debate:

  • Brilliant Argument For Federal Program: If we could just set up the right government program to assure that human nature is perfected    …
  • Shoddy Argument Against Program: If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.
  • Sheesh!  Maybe you and I should be more accepting of one another’s views.  You’d still be wrong and I’d still be right but maybe we could at least have an intelligent disagreement.


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Dale Brethower is a Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Western Michigan University. He currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.


  1. Sorry Albert, the planet isn’t going to die. Every 5 years for the last 30 years we’ve heard of the end of the oceans, air, life as we know it. Scare tactics used to work but no longer. Too many scientists have debunked global warming, now climate change. Go to Russia, China, or India and see the filth spewing out of the factories. If you want to totally shut down all business then let’s agree that everything on earth is more important than humans. I’m done with the threats of not going green. I won’t even buy anything advertised as “green” anymore. It’s more important to save our country. Place your priorities.

    • “Too many scientists have debunked…” Apparently forgetting the 97% of scientists who say climate change is real. 3% does not trump 97% no matter what part of the globe you live on.

  2. That should be “Ye son’s and daughter’s of Liberty”. The women can also help to make our Country Great Again. Go Trump.

  3. Our 2 party system sucks as it only gives us a choice too choose between a bad party and a worse party. The democrats and repulsivecains will not allow an Independent party to exist as they know that the voters will defect to the Independent party like many are doing now. I was a demoncrate all my life until I switched to Independent because of the policies of obummer, the demoncrates and the repulsivecains for the last 5 years. Our system of government has been forfeited by the voters to a Central Government in Washington D.C., just like any other Communistic government.

    Ours government’s are no longer “of the people, by the people, for then people”, and will NEVER change unless the voters STOP re-hiring the same dictators. Revolt at the polls Ye Sons of Liberty.

  4. If we could join the justified anger of the Tea Party with the job-creating planet-saving program of the Green Party, we might have a viable alternative to corrupt fat-cat politics as usual. A Green Tea Party…?

  5. Mexico also has a two-party system. And term limits.

    Voters have been lazy and yielded their responsibilities to those in office (at all levels). We are now in a stage where Congress is yielding their elected duties to the President and SCOTUS.

  6. Only real problem is that “we the people” have failed to control the government and have YIELDED too much to the few. bho is a classic example, make royal decrees and then laughs when told that he has no right to do what he did. He does it and no one really challenges because they want to be re-elected/elected, besides the people are to damn dumb to understand what they have given up for the benefit of the few (politicians and their owners).

    Vote ALL INCUMBENTS out as soon as possible and start all over again. It really cant be any worse than it is now can it? Term limits is a myth, they all ready exist, its known as the VOTE, but then it takes some effort to do that. Term limits would let the ones on their asses sit and not have to do anything like VOTE.

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