Pima County Attorney LaWall Refuses Debates, Spending Questioned

LaWall flanked by Sheriff Chris Nanos, and Pima County Supervisor Ramon Valadez.

Once again Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall is denying voters an opportunity to hear from both her and fellow Democratic candidate Joel Feinman in a public forum. LaWall is refusing to participate in the June 20, Tucson Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance candidate forum.

The organization of African-American clergy, Tucson Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (IMA), is holding the event on Monday, at 5:30 p.m. at the Dunbar Pavilion at 325 West 2nd Street in Tucson.

LaWall has refused to attend without explanation.

LaWall has also yet to offer an explanation for the highly questionable spending practices by her office of RICO funds. A cursory recent review of those funds show a disturbing pattern of pushing the bounds that constrain the use of those monies. For example, in November 2015, LaWall approved a transfer of RICO funds in the amount of $2,000 to the Greater Tucson Leadership group to fund a retirement party of sorts for former Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

Dupnik left behind an office steeped in scandal and the irony that funds seized from corrupt organizations would be used to celebrate the head, of what many believed had become a corrupt organization, was not lost on County residents.

However, it might be the use of RICO funds for promotional materials that is really raising eyebrows and questions. From the period July 2015 to March 2016, LaWall’s office spent nearly $13,000 on custom printed pens, pencils, and other miscellany:

Description **QuantityAmountDate
Dark Blue Pencils5,000 $1,189.107/1/2015
3.5″ X 8.5″ 25 Sheet Magnetic Note Pad2,000$1,470.167/1/2015
 Magnetic Power Clip1,000$1,124.247/6/2015
 Blue Frosted Pencil Pouch1,000$1,124.247/6/2015
 Blue Frosted Pencil Pouch”1,000$1,081.008/17/2015
 Javelina Stylus Ball Point Pens2,000$1,189.108/25/2015
#2 Round Pencils10,000$3,134.9010/15/2015
 Jumbo Magnetic Power Clip1,000$1,081.0010/28/2015
 Recycled Natural Kraft Shopper Bag500$356.733/17/2016

** Each Item was described as “Custom Printed”

bad-checkAccording to the Arizona State Government’s General Accounting Office (GAO), the Pima County Attorney’s Bad Check Special Revenue Fund earned $20,821.22 during fiscal year 2015 (see attached image “bad check revenue”). However, that same fund had expenses of $35,887.33 during the same period, operating at a loss of $15,066.11 (see attached image “bad check expenses”). Where did that money go? Well, thousands of dollars went to send out promotional material to 4,023 local businesses.

In February 2016, LaWall mailed a full-color cash register decal and a 11 x 14 inch full-color window placard to those businesses, along with a letter asking the owners to, “Please post prominently in your place of business.” Both the decal and the placard prominently feature Ms. LaWall’s name, title, and official law enforcement badge.  The Pima County Attorney’s Office cannot tell the public how much taxpayer money was spent producing this mailer because those records have been destroyed. However the mailer cost $5,712.66 to send – at least $5,356.76 of which came from the Bad Check Special Revenue Fund.



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  1. A good newspaper reporter ought to demand an answer and if she used these to campaign for herself,then she should pay for them, not the taxpayers… Come on Tuscon, get her out of there….20 years is enough!!!

  2. She has yet to “offer” an explanation? How about commanding her to give the explanation? Since when does the public have to wait for their employee to “offer” explanations when things don’t make sense?

  3. Okay, the county wants to to try and lower the hatred level for Pima County administration. So lets name one or two things they do right that isn’t corrupt or down right criminal. 1:____________________ Hmmm, well we’l have to get back to you on that. Give us a call in a week or two. If you call and get an answering machine that’s because I’m on break……all the time. These people should be wearing orange suits. It should be mandatory for each department to post a public a breakdown list of materials as is in this article, broken down by sections so we can see where our tax money is being spent. How much of this xmas list do you think is still with the county and not at someones home? As todays progressive world turns you can be sure there will be no consequences for this waste. I would like to see a story on what our teachers might think of this. You can find them at Walmart being their own materials to teach their classes. This crap with the city and county only continues to get worse and worse as we are made bigger fools of everyday.

  4. Aren’t the good people of Pima County tired of crap like this?? Guess not, we kept Dumnik in office for years. Now we got LaWall, Nanos and Huckelberry plus a crack PR department of old ADS hacks to keep them in power. SSDD here in Pima County.

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