Pima Democrats Crush LGBT Independent Valadez Challenger Hernandez

This week, the Democratic machine crushed the hopes of independent members of the LGBT community when they successfully blocked activist Richard Hernandez from appearing on the ballot for a seat on the Pima County Board of Supervisors. Pima County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Bergin ruled that Hernandez was seven nominating signature short based on a technicality.

Hernandez needed 810 valid signatures. He gathered 1,056. The democrats, through Cathy Kennedy and their attorney, Vince Rabago, challenged 312. The Court determined that 274 were from invalid electors.

The Judge found that one ailing friend, Ms. Diana Araiza, had not signed the back of the petitions she had circulated. As a result 24 signatures were invalidated. The signatures were invalidated based on the fact that while she and Hernandez circulated the petitions at her birthday party, it was he and not her who signed the petitions.

According to Hernandez, Pima County gave him a map of the boundaries this year in which he could gather signatures. He proceeded to gather signatures based on that map. However in court a handful of signatures were invalidated because the boundaries had changed during redistricting. No explanation was provided has to why was given an out-of-date map.

Hernandez said he is contemplating an appeal, but he recognizes that the Pima powers-that-be will make any challenge to the status quo whether in court or on the campaign trail nearly impossible.

The requirements for getting on the ballot are designed to benefit the parties: democrats need 147 signatures, republicans need 108, libertarians need 69, and greens need 20. Independent candidates need 810.


  1. Pima County has always been a liberal county and always will be. No matter how many people move here and try to change that; it will never happen. Granted, that doesn’t mean that we could use some fresh blood and ideas. As for Mr. Hernandez not getting on the ballot; it does seem convenient and fishy. Conservatives are welcome here because we are good people, but just know that you are guests.

  2. Mr Hernandez welcome to your party. Even as you wave the Independent flag you are still a liberal and would have brought the same if not more liberal ideas to Pima county.

  3. Voter suppression is reaching a new high in Pima County. The filth in government has now infiltrated the county’s judicial branch ie, this technical against Richard Hernandez’s nominating petitions and last summer’s Judge Aragon decisions in the Oro Valley recall election debacle, to cite a few. Across the board, it appears the system is rigged. The puppeteers are laughing at us, for sure.

    • I am not the Elite, Politically Correct, (except when posting on this site) Establishment you speak of Cotton. I am glad that he was eliminated because of his PRO Criminal, Illegal, Alien, Invaders Policies especially his AmNASTY and OPEN BORDERS so ISIS can invade OUR NATION and murder we the people..

  4. It was okay for Oro Valley recall candidate Doug Burke to submit all his nomination petitions without any signatures on the back. Of course the judge ruled that was a moot point since ballots had already been emailed to a dozen military overseas. Fishy then, fishy now.

  5. So Richard was “accidently” given an incorrect district map. So Richard signed a form that, ex post facto, it was determined someone else should have signed. So Ramon Valadez is allowed to serve “King” Chuck for four more years and Sharon Bronson gets to continue to shut Richard up. No wonder Ray Carroll feels so at home here, Chicago has nothing on Pima County for corrupt politics.

    Christopher Cole
    First Vice-Chair
    Pima County Libertarian Party

  6. ve ver just following odahs. Jeff sucked as Family Law Chief.I hope Joyce, his JAA went with him.Public servants Shud remember Who they Serve. HE IS RETURNING PSALMS 82

  7. Hey Richard, how does it feel now??? The Cronies don’t want anything to do with you. They can’t control you and went to all these lengths’ to maintain the status quo and they did. It should make you feel good that they went to that much trouble to scuttle you run against a crony. Better luck next time. Don’t quit. Just get more next time.

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