Seeing Clearly Through A Cloud Of Ash

Bruce Ash has lost his ever-loving mind. Or he’s trying as hard as he can to spin, and failing.

As the calls for Ash’s resignation from Republican leadership–and even from the party–grow louder and more widespread, he has published press releases with the gall to attack those who take issue with his violent outbursts! Yes, he has #ashtagged the Arizona Daily Independent, among others. But when you read the text of his new and baseless attacks, you see that he willfully omits any reference to his calls for people to be “shot in the back of the head, execution-style”.

Ash, you sound more like Bill Ayers than you do any conservative! To borrow a quote from Jay Leno, “What the hell were you thinking?”

I’m not worried about the RNC Rules Committee, and I don’t give two squirts about the convention, either: It’s a bunch of people who really don’t matter to me, who don’t care about me, who feel self-important every four years, who get together in their little club to drum up a following for their chosen one no matter what the people actually want, and who turn it into a festival for their benefactors. And Ash thinks anybody wants him punished for his comments about a meaningless committee?! Let me be more direct, sir:

  • It’s.
  • About.
  • Your.
  • Multiple.
  • Thuggish.
  • Calls.
  • For.
  • Murder.

And then there’s this comedic gem in Ash’s salvo: “These people are not on our side today and have rarely been on our side.” I appreciate that it can be exceedingly difficult to maintain a valid perspective when one’s view of the world is so obscured by the nose down which one looks at it. It is you, Bruce Ash–you oblivious, self-righteous, egomaniacal apparatchik–who is not on the side of conservatives and who has rarely been on their side. Sure, you walk in lockstep with the big political machine, and your interests are perfectly congruent to those of the party, but those few times when our interests and yours have coincided are those scarce few instances in recent times that the Republican party has actually served the interests of conservatism. It is you, Bruce Ash, who is not on our side and who has rarely been on our side.

Ash makes it sound like only the Arizona Daily Independent and talk host James T. Harris have problems with him and the state and county branches of the GOP. This kind of detachment from reality often leads to psychological diagnosis and treatment; only in politicking can this lead to promotions in authority. Would you take my opinion more seriously, Mr. Ash, if I published it on my own blog, or mailed it directly to you, instead of sharing it through the ADI? Or would you continue to discount me because that’s how you treat the entirety of the non-elite electorate? Let’s be truly candid, Mr. Ash: If the GOP had surfaced a decent candidate in the last three cycles, this country wouldn’t be mired anywhere near as deeply in the slop as it is today. There are millions of people disgusted with and unengaged from politics in this country because the two lousy parties we have fill their ranks with the likes of you.

He states that he “stand[s] by [his] analysis” of the “convention at the time”. Okay, Mr. Ash, before you #ashtagged members of your own party and called for their executions via gunshot to the back of the head, who or what else in the lead-up to the convention has called for murder?! How could your calls for violence have had anything whatsoever to do with the convention, the party, or anything pertinent to any topic whatsoever?

Come out of your torpor, Bruce: You’ve #ashtagged your office and it’s time for you to accept the consequences of your own words and actions…and resign with dignity.

That is, before you bring further disgrace to yourself and what’s left of your party.