Recount Required In Biggs, Jones CD5 Race

CD5 candidate Christine Jones had maintained a small but steady lead over former State Senator Andy Biggs in the CD5 Race until Friday when the final votes were counted. Now the process is being questioned by many due to irregularities in oversight and “statistical anomalies.”

BIGGS, ANDY* 21027 25228 29.48
JONES, CHRISTINE 21188 25219 29.47
OLSON, JUSTIN 14602 17386 20.32
STAPLEY, DON 15689 17744 20.73

Aside from the oversight irregularities, a recount will be necessary. It is expected that the recount will be ordered by a judge on Tuesday.

Arizona recount procedures:

“An automatic recount is required when the margin between the two candidates with the greatest number of votes for a particular office is either less than 0.1% of votes cast or does not exceed 200 votes for statewide offices or 50 votes for offices in the state legislature.[1] When the canvass shows a recount is required for a statewide office or a congressional race, the Secretary of State certifies the facts requiring the recount to the Superior Court in Maricopa County.[2] The court enters an order requiring a recount in accord with state requirements regarding election vote counting.[3] Where the vote was conducted on electronic voting equipment, the recount is conducted on an automatic tabulating system furnished and programmed by the Secretary of State. § 16-664. The results are presented to the court and the court announces the results and enters an order describing its determination.[4] The state or county pays the costs of the recount,”[5]from Ballotpedia.

Even Biggs noted that the results posted at 2:03:07 a.m. on Friday were extraordinary. “Over the last 48 hours, we have witnessed one of the most remarkable electoral turnarounds in the history of Arizona politics,” remarked Biggs in a statement released Saturday. “We started yesterday down more than 500 votes and finished it by winning the election by 9 votes.” Despite the questionable results, Biggs claimed victory.

Arizona Representative Kelly Townsend told constituents, “The votes may not have been stolen, but what was stolen was the integrity of the process.” Townsend was referring to the fact that Biggs’ staff was allowed to act as an observer of the tabulation process, while Jones was denied that access.

According to the Yellow Sheet, “Political consultant Chad Heywood said that Maricopa County Republican Party Chair Tyler Bowyer had blocked the Jones campaign from monitoring ballot counting in Maricopa County, but had granted access to the Biggs campaign. ARS 16-602 gives county chairs the authority to determine who has access for monitoring the required hand-count of two percent of precincts in the county. Heywood said the Jones campaign was told by county elections officials that Bowyer was the old person who could grant them.”

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  1. FireWhitewaterBronsonNow | September 4, 2016 at 11:16 am |

    As soon as you let some of the candidates have a observer at a count but refuse another the same courtesy, I call BS and I don’t even like the the go daddy chick, but WTF either everyone has a observer watch or no one has observers for the candidates present, which would be very unwise, especially in dingleberry country

  2. Did Biggs stuff the ballot box? I hope that the recount yields to Jones and what type of person declares victory with such a very narrow margin?

    • FireWhitewaterBronsonNow | September 4, 2016 at 12:23 pm |

      A arrogant cocky fool calls it a win when it could easily change due to being so close. That’s who

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