Nanos Interruption Of “Mansion Party” Costs Time, Evidence

No, no, no, no, no Nanos!

This week, Pima County Sheriff Chris Nanos went into full spin mode after it was revealed that he had interfered with the investigation of “mansion” parties causing key evidence to be lost. Nanos had interfered with the investigation after it was discovered that a family member of Chief Deputy Chris Radtke had been served with a search warrant in connection with the break-ins and parties at expensive homes.

In a story filed by Lupita Murrillo with KVOA News 4, Nanos claimed that despite his interference, arrests had been made and detectives are examining in the information obtained from the few cellphones they were able to collect.

Nanos admitted that he “did interfere with keeping investigators from going into nine different schools to seize cell phones that belonged to students,” according to Murrillo’s report, but he did so because “redirected the detectives to go to the homes of the students.”

He asked Murrillo, “Shouldn’t you be better off by talking to the parents?”

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However according to sources, Sheriff’s personnel were sent out at the same time last week to the various schools of students involved in the criminal activity, to collect evidence and to talk to the students. In some cases there might have been probable cause to arrest them, which would have been done in low key manner with a parent referral. A parent referral is a ticket of sorts and the juvenile in receipt and their guardian would be contacted at a later date by personnel from juvenile court.

The main goal for the coordinated operation, however, was primarily to collect the evidence on the phones.

The evidence collection operation had to be coordinated so that the students would not have time to warn each other about the existence of a search warrant and destroy evidence. In other words, because the evidence was perishable, a coordinated operation was essential for evidence preservation, according to sources.

It is unknown how much evidence was destroyed due to Nanos’ interference. In the case of Radtke’s nephew, Sheriff’s personnel went to his parents’ home two days later by prior arrangement with the mother. The mother scowled at officers while her son refused to speak other than to say his cellphone has been stolen that morning.

Later one source said, “The cellphones must have ended up in the same mysterious place socks sometimes go once you toss them in the dryer.”

Others in the department say that if Nanos hadn’t stopped the approved operation in an effort to protect family members, then he must not trust his own staff. After all, the operation had been approved up the chain of command. The coordination of 80 plus personnel required considerable involvement of leadership. Sources say that stopping the operation in midstream could only be part of a cover-up.

Information provided to officers suggested that at least one parent knew and transported their child to the events. In light of this information, relying on parents would be reckless.

One source stated that Nanos’ claim that he stopped the operation in order to have “parents take their role in this,” is “a cover-up statement because in hindsight he realizes that he messed up by putting a stop to a preplanned operation.”

“He’s pushing the blame off on the parents, we have never done that before in the past nor do I think we would ever do that going into the future, “ said the source, who like others in the Sheriff’s Department, asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation.

Only a Superior Court Judge can stop the service of a valid warrant, so according to experts, Nanos’ decision amounted to:

– Hindering Prosecution (Felony in this case)
– Facilitation to destruction of evidence. (Felony)
– Interfering with a governmental Investigation (Misdemeanor)
– Failure to obey a court order (Misdemeanor)

There was one part of the KVOA story that was accurate: “Detectives are going through the information that’s been downloaded.” Unfortunately for the homeowner victims, there is less evidence and getting the evidence that might still exist could be painstaking due to the students’ efforts to destroy it.


  1. With Halloween coming up you can dress up your kids up in the Sheriff Chris costume. It’s unlikely that you’ll be charged with impersonating a peace officer, he hasn’t been charged for that yet either.
    Its being marketed under the title “Four Star Clown” costume and is currently on sale at the Dingleberry’s prisoner. store located next to the county jail, show your democrat party card and get 50% off at checkout. It’s the must have item for 2016.


  2. Oh look, Uncle Radtke has once again used his position to help out his family.
    His nephew, the cafe scandal with his niece. Before all this whackiness, his son couldn’t pass a hiring drug test cuz of mary-jane-wana. By some magical powers, Radtke Jr was able to hire on with the department. And has been moving from position to positon and getting raises while doing so.
    Thanks Uncle Radtke. I cant wait to see what you give the family for Christmas.

  3. It’s true that the employees at the sheriffs department Are tired of the way that Nana’s, Radtke and certain other cronies are running the place. They continually embarrass the Department and all the hard-working employees. Everyone needs to get the word out of how awful the leadership is in this place now, the corruption, and the lack of integrity.

    • “John” is unsophisticated and over played his hand. Everyone knew who he was. Which doesn’t help the whole lies, slander, ansintegrity line he was pushing on behalf of his boss.

  4. I’m sure Nanos’ head is spinning like a top with a rocket engine attached to it.
    Soinds like he forgot how to do policework. Maybe him and Radtke can work the cafe instead. Ooops. That was closed. Maybe a federal prison kitchen.

  5. I am calling on the PC Sheriff’s deputies to stand up and tell the community that they have NO confidence in Nanos. he must go.

    • You are calling umm ok? In theory, if in great numbers they do it, it’s possible. If just a few do it, it’s suicide. The regime makes life miserable if you aren’t among the chosen anyway, and if they even “THINK” you personally, or you are related to someone who is voting, posting, advocating, or working for the opposite campaign, it’s worse. Can you imagine the hostile work environment if only a “few” step out publically? The key here is numbers… power in numbers. For good measure add in some command staff. Are you or I going to be there the day after the election if it goes Nanos’ way? Most assuredly the Nanos/Radtke/Lopez/Janes/Ponzio/Parrish/Cameron/Feldt regime will be waiting at the door, and the “Blood-Bath of where your loyalties lie” will ensue. Making the McCarthy Hearings look like a child’s a birthday party. Just food for thought.

  6. It has come to light that 7 deputies have left or let it be known they are leaving this month alone. Most have that time on that has made them crucial for the future of the dept. No money, a rudderless ship and vindictiveness from the top down all were contributing factors. More of the same if no change at the top. If you kowtow to Nanos and Radtke, you’ll go far at PCSD.

  7. Thank God it’s an election year and he’s on his best behavior. Can’t wait to see at what depths the corruption can go to once he’s not fearful of showing his true colors.


  8. Appointd Huckleberry Thug decides to order about 80 experienced law enforcement officers to “Stand down” after his chief deputy Officer Radtke receives a call from his sister.

    That is one powerful family connection. The Bonanno, Licavoli or any other Mob family don’t have more juice than Radtke’s sister.

    The suggestion that KVOA promoted that Crusty Cris Nanos was concerned about getting the parents involved is Ludicrous.

  9. I call B/S On Nanoose/Stupnick cuzz it’s smells worse than dingleberrys sewer plant.

    And why isn’t this Chucky clone on unpaid leave like Mr Napier, which by the way has 6 votes outta this over taxed under served house.

    We have enough fertilizer to cover the whole county up to our noses that smells dirty crooked.

    Mark we won’t be happy till this loose noose and his cartel are run outta town at sundown.

    Clean house and take names, and remember, when a doctor goes in to remove cancer (loosenoose) they always take more than just the cancer to be sure that the feeder roots are removed, that would be the cartel at the top.

    Same thing for the pima county board of dictators minus Ally, got to throw out the cancer and feeders, to get Mark some help for the great people in the sheriff dept.

  10. So Let me get this straight. The highest ranking law enforcement office in Pima County twice in the last two months interupts and incerts himself into an investigation that certainly involves himself in one case and his Chief Deputy’s family in another.

    Where there is smoke there is fire, how stupid does Nanos think we are? Oopspretty stupid we keep electing crooks.

  11. Even if you believe that there was no nefarious conduct here (which is a stretch), you can reasonably wonder why the Appointee was involved in this at all. Yes, it was a big investigation but why interject himself in it at all. Let’s see… detectives have sergeants, sergeants have lieutenants, lieutenants have captains, captains have bureau chiefs, the bureau chiefs have the chief deputy and the chief deputy has the sheriff. Are we to believe that all of these people under the Appointee are so lacking in competence that the Appointee had to step in to properly steer the investigation only out of concern it be properly handled by the parents? The Sheriff should have no role in what is a routine investigation. It is perfectly reasonable to assume he interjects himself into this for other reasons than those disclosed.

    How about having a Sheriff who will not use his position to interfere with the investigations conducted by his people for undisclosed reasons? Imagine how the victims and investigators feel right now. Why aren’t the investigative reporters in this town contacting some of the victims to see how happy they might be with the course of this investigation??

    We have a choice in November.

    • Mr. Napier it appears that the only investivative reports in Tucson are in the Ariz Daily Independent. Thanks ADI for having the courage to publish this information.

    • He cant even let his hand picked minions do their job.
      Must not have confidence in them either.
      Can only imagine how the guys & gals doing the real police work feel about such a lack of leadership. How embarrassing to be represented by this.

  12. Wow, and he wants to remain the sheriff??? Should be suspended by Huckelberry and charges brought against him. Guess that loyalty to the sheriff is more important than getting cases solved that caused thousands of dollars of damage…. SSDD in Pima County but everyone knows that charges will never be brought and he will never be suspended. This is the 2nd time that the man has interfered in an investigation in the last 6 months. Has to make one wonder what he is afraid of doesn’t it. Time for this idiot to go.

    • Nanos is far from an idiot. He has the perfect presentation of the tough guy with unbridled power. Just the way it was orchestrate the hand off. Dupnick owed big time with the Gabby Giffords fiasco. He had to stay to pull the blanket over the ineptness. Now the frayed tattered cover of deceit of the Sheriff’s department administration not be able to hold the patch. Nonetheless the hateful prejudice of the democratic machine will ask for a bigger patch. NEVER A NEW BLANKET

  13. Well there is a trend in Pima County, that being the actions of Nanos and his hand picked administration to protect Nano’s hand picked command staff and there families from legitimate criminal investigations. Victim Rights, you know the ones prescribed by law, not a problem, ignore those to protect Nanos, his cronies or a crony’s family member facing criminal charges. With Nanos’ effort the cell phone evidence against the Radtke family members is gone at Nanos’ direction.

    I think the article’s description of the Radtke family members mother assures us of three things 1) The Nanos administration does not and will ot honer the oath of office, oath as law enforcement officers, their avowed transparency, and their stated commitment to protect the citizens of Pima County 2) That Nanos’ actions show his complete lack of regard to the victims of crime. Those victim rights which are part of Arizona law 3) The Radtke juvenile relative now emboldened and empowered by his protection against arrest or conviction provided my the Nanos administration assures us that the Radtke juvenile relative will soon re-emerge in the realm of felony crimes. Nanos’ action to take these criminal matters to the parents as per Nanos the parents should be involved flies in the face of the fact that upon a juvenile arrest and initial processing at juvenile court the parents are notified of the charges and the parental obligations during the prosecution of the juvenile. Hey it almost sounded like a good reason to a news reporter and the public who are not familiar with the juvenile criminal process.

    Nanos now involved in his second interference in a criminal investigation, let us not forget the Gagnepain death investigation was the first we know of, presumably feels that he will not be confronted or held responsible for his actions by persons knowledgeable in criminal law and criminal investigation. Surprisingly Pima County Attorney B. LaWall, a staunch advocate of victim rights is turning a blind eye to these issues as is County Manager C. Huckleberry who is presumably Nanos’ boss.

    Anyone wondering how the Pima County Sheriff’s Department legal advisor feels about Nanos’ actions?

    One has to wonder what impression the Nanos administration and their actions made on the other law enforcement agencies involved in investigating there “Mansion Parties”.

    Unfortunately in Nanos’ year and a matter of months tenure as the appointed sheriff PCSD has been turned into an embarrassment. Imagine what damage Nanos could do in a four year elected term of office.

    Dedicated, hardworking, honest and ever seeking to improve themselves deputies are be tarnished by the actions of Nanos and his hand picked administration. Not surprisingly Nanos is not endorsed by his own employees, except probably the administrative assistant to the PCSD command staff that is paid approximately $82,00 a year, pretty much twice what a commissioned deputy makes.

    Nanos has turned down invitations to question and answer sessions with the other sheriff candidates, and recent invitations to debate or do a question and answer session with his opposing sheriff candidate M. Napier. Of course in reality Nanos has to decline those invitations because invoking one’s fifth amendment right against self incrimination in a friendly professional question and answer session creates a negative impression.

    Fear not the family of the Nanos administration command staff and their families, Nanos is there to serve and protect you, to everyone else ok Nanos will serve and protect you as long as it does not interfere with the protection the Nanos administration family and friends.

    • Will Tell; Yes that is the problem Nanos not elected. Appointed by Huckleberry another non elected power wielder as boss. This is not what a democracy of the county is meant to be. The state legislature in it’s staged redistricting. Allowed Raul Grijalva to shift economic trade through Yuma and bypass Tucson. This works part and parcel of controlling land and economic development to a certain few. Hey if South Tucson had economic growth why would they need Raul. The Democratic Machine is broken people.

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